Hair Care Tips You (Maybe) Never Knew: 7

Here is the final tip in this hair care mini series that is the wisdom of my hairdresser.

Today, we are 100% rebels – we're going against the grain!

Are you ready? OK, because contrary to popular belief...

TIP 7. Salt Spray Isn't All That – It's Not Even Close

Don't mention salt spray to my hairdresser.

He can go on for hours (and has on several occasions).

At the risk of tiring you, here is the condensed version:
Regardless of how fancy the packaging, world-renowned the brand or high the cost:
salt spray is not now, 
nor has it ever been
nor will it ever be
good for hair 
or scalp
at all
(I cut out a whole lot of his superlatives).

Why Salt Spray is Bad For Hair

Salt dries out the hair and scalp something fierce and has absolutely nothing to offer in the way of nourishment – quite the contrary.

You Asked - He Answers

A few of you have asked, and here are the replies
- my hairdresser wishes to remain unnamed
- my hairdresser is not looking for new clients at this time
Sorry, but there it is.

Optional Extra Question

Did you know you could set my hairdresser off on an hour-long sermon about the evils of salt spray by merely mentioning the words salt and spray in the same sentence?

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Do Tell

Do you use salt spray? How does it work for you?


Anonymous said…
This makes perfect sense to me. Glad to hear it. :)
LisaLise said…
I know! I was so relieved first time my hairdresser ranted about the evils of salt spray. I couldn't figure out why people were paying money for it and happened to ask him. That's what got him started...
Anonymous said…
I admit - I have used salt spray now and then. (But please don't tell my hairdresser - she'll disown me.)
LisaLise said…
Teehee--- Ok Gitte. I PROMISE not to tell :)
-K said…
Eeeeeeeevery now and then, when my hair just WON'T curl and I need it to curl for an event or something, I'll mix some epsom salts in warm water (and some pretty-smelling essential oils) and spritz it on. My hair will curl like crazy and look like a zillion bucks!

I find it really drying, though, so I never ever ever go to bed with that stuff in! I rinse, pack on the coconut oil, and sleep. Then, rinse in the morning! Happy curls :)
LisaLise said…
OOh K, that's another great tip you have there. It sounds like you have the best of 2 worlds in that you only use it once in a while - get great results, and know exactly how to counteract any drying. It sounds like you have achieved.. dare I say it.. total control! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Sorry but.......what do people use salt spray for? I have never heard of this. I just know that it wouldn't make any sense to me to spray salt on my hair.
LisaLise said…
This is exactly what I asked my hairdresser after seeing salt spray advertised. I couldn't see what the purpose was. Read K's comment - salt spray does seem to have some hair styling function... :)
Kate said…
Do you think using a salt rinse would damage hair in the same way as a salt spray? Salt rinses were used by some Victorians to wash their hair. I tried it and thought it worked quite well and it helped my rather irritated scalp. I just don't want to damage my hair... (of which I have a lot!)
LisaLise said…
Hi Kate. I asked my hairdresser about this one. He said: 'although many will find an immediate relief from using a salt rinse, it is doing damage to the scalp in the long run.' He recommends using oil treatment for itchy scalp instead. Hope this helps :)