Make-up: Making a Lip Plumping Pencil Kit

Not long ago, I read a great tip on how to make your lips look plumper with make-up. I had already been planning on doing a lip pencil, but now I had occasion to do 2. Here's how I made my own do-it-with-make-up-lip-plumping kit the other day.

The Colors are Prepared 

In the larger, white bowl is the highlighter color. To make it, I used a bit of my (previously mixed) foundation color and just added titanium dioxide until the desired lightness was achieved. This is the easiest way in the world to ensure the highlighter shade will suit your skin color perfectly. For the lip color, I am using the same shade I already use for blush.

Bucket 'o Base

I will make my own pencil base once or twice a year so I can just measure out a portion and add color when I want to do a pencil. After trying many different pencil base recipes, I fine-tuned my fave to where it is soft enough to use around the eyes yet stiff enough to use as a lip liner. This one also has great 'staying' power no matter where it is applied.

This base is a mix of beeswax, jojoba, cocoa butter, cetearyl alcohol, and e-vitamin.


For each pencil of 5 grams, 8 grams of base is used (there is a tenth of a gram more in this pic, but you get the idea). It's necessary to make extra because the mixture stiffens very quickly and will start sticking to the container as soon as it is being poured. I really hate throwing away product, but experience has taught me it has to be factored in when doing such a small amount at a time.


For 2 colors, 2 beakers are required. The base is melted very slowly over low heat.

Preparing to Add Color

Here's the melted base ready for the addition of color.


The mixture needs constant stirring until it's poured to ensure the color is evenly dispersed. Because I am using chubby pencils, it is possible to pour directly from the beaker into the casing. The casings have been prepared...


Here are the 2 pencils directly after filling. Because it's best to 'fill until full' in one smooth movement, spillage is unavoidable. Lining a small cup with paper towel helps minimize clean up and supports the pencil while it is being filled.

On the lower left hand corner is proof positive that I cannot stand the idea of throwing away product. I dug out a couple of small pans from an eyeshadow box and filled them with some of the leftover color. This will work fine for application with a lip brush.

Handy Dandy Tip:
 Buy super-cheapo eyeshadows on clearance, scrape out and dump the contents and clean the container. Now you have something on hand for situations such as this.

Cool and Sharpen

After a short time in the refrigerator, the pencils can be sharpened and are ready for action.

Find pencil casings like these (and other ingredients for doing your own makeup) at DIY cosmetics.

PS. The lip-plumping trick with make-up is shown right here at BeautySpace. (Don't worry if you don't speak the lingo, the pics tell the whole story)

PPS: Do you do your own make-up pencils? Have you ever considered doing them? I'd love your input!


Anonymous said…
Hi, just wondering why you don't give the recipe measurements for your base? That would be so great!
LisaLise said…
HI Anon - Although I am happy to share the how to of many of the things I make, there are a few things I keep as my own. My base pencil recipe is one of these things. I hope you understand. :)