Lipstick and Lurking Lead

"I just discovered a Facebook page called “There’s lead in your lipstick”. Maybe I should start one called “There’s even more lead in your drinking water”."

Although this may sound like a flippant statement, author Robert Tisserand has a valid point. He's putting perspective on an issue that has spiraled out of control.

Another Successful Scaremongering Campaign

It seems scaremongering is still very much alive and well in the world of cosmetics ingredients. (Do these guys ever let up?!)

On the Other Hand, if You're Interested in Facts...

If you don't know who Robert Tisserand is, you probably don't have much interest in the science of essential oils. However, if you are interested in the science of essential oils, you may want to get acquainted with some of his work and activities here.

Oh, and there are a few eye-opening facts right here in his blog posting about lead in lipstick.

Have a safe and happy day – even if you're wearing lipstick!

PS: If you want to kill yourself with lead-loaded lipstick, find cosmetic scientist Colin Sanders how-to video right here.


Colin said…
Thanks for giving this issue some coverage in your blog Lise. I really think we have enough real problems in the world without inventing imaginary ones.
mary said…
I get so, so sick of posts that say "Is there ________ in your _______?!"

I believe in being extra cautionary when it comes to chemicals and everything, but I hate it when people try to spread the message with fear mongering. It does not encourage people to be rational or fully understand the issue.
Rikke said…
Hej Lise

Når jeg læser dette indlæg kommer jeg til at tænke på en bekymring, jeg har haft i flere år. Fra jeg var 15 år til jeg var omkring 30 har jeg brugt kilovis af læbestift, som jeg nok overvejende har fortæret på den ene eller anden måde. Hvor meget "skidt" mon jeg har oplagret i min krop af den grund?

Og lipgloss med glimmer er stadig en af mine laster... Bare ikke hver dage ;-)

Kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Colin - and thank you for continuing to put things into their proper perspective!

Mary - I absolutely agree. People/organizations that willfully misinform and scaremonger are just bad news all around.

Rikke - Prøv at klikke link til Colins 'how to kill yourself with lipstick' indlæg. Han fortæller i detaljer hvor meget der skulle til for at gør en ende på det hele med læbestift.. noget med over 33.000 stk - og lidt igen. (så skal man altså virkelig gå til den!) God appetit!
Sue said…
I don't worry about lead in lipstick because #1 I understand how the human body works and #2 I understand how little risk it presents. HOWEVER - I DO care about companies lying to consumers about how much lead is in cosmetics because that takes the opportunity to make an informed decision away from them.

There are a number of companies lying to their customers and saying "don't use XYZ brand - the FDA found they have lead" - use doesn't. Only problem...theirs has never been tested and in most cases, uses the exact same pigments and colorants as the brands that have lead. Then there are the brands that do not use FDA-approved colorants...they are illegal but fly under the radar. Are these beet and other fruit and veggie colored cosmetics any safer? NO...I did a little research this morning ( hour...hardly the five years Stacy Malkin of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has devoted to his issue). Here is the information I found about LEAD in BEET colorants:

LisaLise said…
Thanks so much for your input Sue. Sounds like you not only do the research, but also take the time to share the info you have found. I totally agree that there should be focus on the ethics of this issue.