Hair Care Tips You (Maybe) Never Knew: 6

Do you have a minute? It's all you need to carry out the sixth hair care tip from my wise and savvy hairdresser. We're battling baldness and thinning hair today – his number one area of expertise. Best of all – you already have everything you need on hand to carry out this tip! (There's a pun in there that you'll get in a minute)

It's Gotta Start Somewhere

Have you ever noticed that baldness never starts at the nape of the neck, but always at the top of the head? Want to know why?

Because of no stimulation.

Try this. Turn your head to the left. Look up. Turn your head to the right. Look down. There. You've just stimulated the base of your scalp. You do it without even thinking every time you move your head.

Now, Let's Examine the Top of the Head 

We humans have no natural grimaces, facial expressions, or any (hand-free) movements that stimulate the top of the scalp – at all.

I dare you to find one.

Even if you are able to wiggle your ears (which is pretty close to the top of the head), you're still not stimulating the top of your head.

Stimulation is the key to bloodflow and circulation. Circulation is the key to health, and health is the key to growth.

Therefore, to encourage hair growth, fully fed follicles, and all else in the world that is good for head and hair, massage your scalp using my hairdressers prescribed method. Once a day is good – twice is better, and if you're real serious, do this several times a day. Here's how.

TIP 6. The Daily Scalp Stimulation Massage

It's not so much a question of moving your fingers around the scalp as it is moving the scalp underneath your fingers. Position your fingertips on your scalp and gently massage in a circular motion. Reposition fingers and continue around the scalp. You should be finished in about 60 seconds. Your hair shouldn't be mussed up as a result, and there is no need to use strength. It is best to use gentle, but firm pressure.

If your hair is thinning, doing this massage a few times a day will make a noticable difference within 2 months.

Honest engine.

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Do Tell

Did you know this tip? Have you ever tried massaging your scalp in this fashion?