Hair Care Tips You (Maybe) Never Knew: 4

Here's the fourth in this series of hair care tips bestowed upon me by my wise and experienced hairdresser. Long before it even thought about becoming trendy, he would expound on how beneficial this is for the scalp and hair...

TIP 4. Proactive Quicky Oil Treatment

I'm pretty sure you already know that an oil mask helps dry, itchy scalp, but did you know that applying a little oil to your head is great for general hair and scalp health? Here's a quick and easy way to work an oil treatment into your everyday routine.

Before hitting the shower, apply a small amount of olive, coconut, or sweet almond oil to dry hair, working it through the hair and to the scalp with a gentle massage for a minute or 2 prior to washing it.

How Much is a Small Amount

For short- to medium length hair: approx half a teaspoon
For heavy, long hair: approx 1-2 tablespoons
You know you have applied the correct amount for your hair and scalp when the oil absorbs without leaving a greasy or oily look.

Done regularly, this little treatment will give your tresses a healthy sheen and keep your scalp feeling great. The best part: you can do this treatment as often as you like.

Good For

This tip is good for ALL hair types: straight, wavy, curly, koily, kinky, dry, greasy, thinning, heavy, dandruffy, sensitive, dyed, straightened, bleached, permed, impossible, frizzy, spongy, crunchy and all other manner of head hair.

Do Tell

Did you already know this tip? Which oil do you use? How does it work for you? Please share!

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Stephanie said…
As much as I love doing a hot oil treatment on my hair, I don't always have the time. This will be a great way to get some of those benefits more regularly!
LisaLise said…
Hi Stephanie,

It's actually a little like the 'washing your hair backwards' routine. It didn't take me long to work this into my normal routine. :)
Anonymous said…
Det her tip er nyt for mig - men helt bestemt noget jeg vil prøve at få ind i min hverdagsrutiner. Jeg har nemlig tendens til små hvide flager i håret når jeg er 'små-stresset' men det er ikke skæl.

Så mon ikke lidt daglig massage og olie inden hårvask kan hjælpe?
LisaLise said…
Hej Gitte - Jeg tror du vil blive rigtig glad for det. Hvis du har tendens til små flager i håret kan jeg anbefale brugen af jojoba - som er så tæt på menneskelig sebum og er så mild så man kan bruge det til baby'er. Hvis dit hår har brug for lidt reparation, prøv hampolie. Det er en meget 'tør' olie og absorberes hurtig .. God fornøjelse.
Tania said…
Thanks you! I just !et your blog and I'm loving it

Can I apply the oil at might and wash my hair the next morning?
LisaLise said…
Hi Tania - of course you can do an overnight treatment. Do be aware that your pillow and pillowcase will need washing the next day though. You might want to wear a washable cap of some type to bed to save your pillowcase from the oils.