Hair Care Tips You (Maybe) Never Knew: 3

Here's the third in this series of hair care tips designed to keep your mane bouncy, healthy, and fab-looking. Today we're taking a look at one of the normal, everyday practices that encourages dry, brittle, haystack hair.

TIP 3. Hair Dry? Air Dry!

Once upon a time, no one on the entire planet had haystack hair. At that time, there were no hair dryers on earth, so everyone let their hair dry naturally – in the air.

'yeah, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth' (I hear you thinking).

Be that as it may, air drying hair is the healthiest solution for it because it's, well, less drying. (pun totally intended)

Before you gasp in horror at the mere thought of hanging up your hair dryer for good, do your locks a favor and just give it a try – once.

If you're still balking at the thought (I can hear you balking), try this:
- Don't use the dryer until your hair is about 75% dry
- Set the drying temperature to cool

Your locks will love you for it – promise.

Do Tell

Are you in love with your hair dryer? Or could you live without it?

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Debbie said…
I prefer to air dry most days but in the winter when my hubby is waiting on me to walk the dog, I resort to the blow dryer.
LisaLise said…
I totally hear you about the winter thing! Going outside with less than dry hair in super cold weather is no fun at all. :)