Tottle Trauma – Chapter 847 of The Ongoing Container Quest

One of the downsides of not being a multi-million-dollar company that can afford having specially designed containers made for every product is, well – not having specially designed containers for every product. (the 'not being a multi-million-dollar' part deserves a mention as well).

Not Small – Exclusive

Being a small operation (I prefer the expression 'exclusive'), I don't have the option of ordering the minimum of 10.000 containers that is usually required by purveyors of cosmetics containers.

This leaves me with having to make do with whichever containers may be available in small amounts from companies who choose to bother with smaller exclusive companies such as LisaLise. Sometimes, it's a bit frustrating.

Which brings me to today's episode of 'The Constant Container Quest'...

The Staples

Above is a shot of my Plain & Simple Herbal Shampoo in a 100ml and 50ml sized 'tottle' (cross between a tube and bottle). I found these after an extensive search. The semi-see-through body has an appealing shape and feel, they are easy-to-fill (and squeeze), and the insert and screw-on lids don't leak (a great little detail that not all tottles offer). The labels have even been designed to accentuate and compliment the shape of the container. Their fail-safe efficiency has earned them a spot amongst my staples for past 5 years.

Recently, I re-ordered some in the 100ml size.


This is what was in the package that arrived.

Must be some mistake, I thought and checked the catalog, order papers, and article number. Hmmm, all was as it should be – except for the actual container I was holding. Not only did it have a completely different shape, look and feel, but it was fitted with a totally different type of cap (flip-top).

There was no warning, apology or even explanation from the supplier.


Since You're Here...

After my inital disappointment, I gave the new arrivals a going-over and testing. It didn't take too terribly long until I started to accept them – just a little bit.  As it turned out, they were much easier to fill than the staples. Also, the flip-top cap was easier to work with. I started to like them – just a little bit. They were just as easy-squeezy to use, and there's (still) no leaking – even with a really runny product. After throwing everything I could at them in the way of testing, I gave in and liked them – rounded shape and all. The only real downside I can find: all my tottle labels need to be redesigned.

The Upside To Not Being a Multi-Million-Dollar Company

Contrary to popular belief, there is an upside to not being a multi-million-dollar company. You learn to stay flexible, adapt, and go with the flow – all by yourself.


Anette said…
Det er indholdet, der tæller og min hud husker stadig godhederne fra dig.
LisaLise said…
Ih tusind tak Anette! Det varmer om hjertet. Nu kommer jeg til at rende rund med en fjollet grin på ansigtet hele dagen. Tak! :)
Anonymous said…
Det er jo positivt at forblive fleksibel, synes jeg :)

For øvrigt kan jeg bedre lide de nye flubber(? danglish oversættelse/ sammentrækning af tuber og flasker ;) med de runde former :)

- Anna
LisaLise said…
Tihi-- den var god Anna-- flubber! :)