Hair Care Tips You (Maybe) Never Knew: 1

I've used the same hairdresser forever. He has a lifetime of experience studying the chemistry of hair, treating hair loss, and understanding the care and feeding of the hair and scalp – and after all these years, he's still passionate about his work (how many people can say that?). Every hair care tip he has ever given me has made a positive difference to my hair and scalp, so I've decided it's time I shared his wisdom with you.

Because most of these tips deserve a bit of explanation, we're going to take them one at a time. You may already know some of them, but if you don't, your hair and scalp is in for a world of good. Todays tip was a real eye opener for me.

TIP 1. It's Hot To Blot

Always gently blot your hair to remove excess water. Even better: wrap wet hair in a towel – Hollywood style – and leave it for a few minutes while you do something else (like wiping down the shower, putting on your moisturizer, or performing a 3-minute vocal solo).


Rubbing your hair and scalp with a towel thins and stresses the hair, encouraging split ends and breakage – much more than you may imagine.

When my hairdresser explained in detail how the damaging results of vigorous towel-drying are immediately visible if you view strands of hair under a microscope, the image stuck. I have forever since recalled it every time I reach for a towel to BLOT my wet hair.

PS. This tip is good for ALL hair types: straight, wavy, curly, koily, kinky, dry, greasy, thinning, heavy, dandruffy, sensitive, dyed, straightened, bleached, permed, impossible, frizzy, spongy, crunchy and all other manner of head hair.

Did you already know this hair care tip? Do tell!


K said…
Hi Lisalise!

This hair tip opened my eyes COMPLETELY a few years ago. I don't have tangles or hopelessly dry hair anymore!

I will note, though, that blotting (or plonking) with a T-shirt, cotton pillowcase or a cheap pashmina is even BETTER for those of us prone to dry hair (especially those of us with curls!). If I wrap my hair up in a towel, it goes straight and frizzy. If I plonk it in something soft and cottony, it maintains its curl.

(I use the same idea on my skin in the winter... it's -40oC and DRY here these days, and while most of the city is suffering from dry patches on their skin, my skin has never felt better!)
Lise M Andersen said…
Hi K,
That is an absolutely awesome tip! Thanks so much for sharing. :)
april said…
This is so interesting about the t-shirt! I stopped rubbing my hair years ago. I just wrap it as I leave the shower, then remove the towel after about 5 min when I feel the excess water is gone. My hair is shoulder length, corkscrew curly, mixed-ethnicity and holds a lot of water! I am not sure that a t-shirt is absorbent enough, but I'd be willing to try something different if it would benefit my hair, which breaks easily. I'm so glad I came across this post and this website!!
Lise M Andersen said…
Hey there April - I am so pleased if this has been of some help. Thanks so much for your kind words! Are you using anything to lock in moisture? This would help prevent breakage...