Comfort Zone Eye Serum - Giveaway!

This is a sample size of my latest product for the eye area – Comfort Zone Eye Serum. Ever since batch one (in October of last year), I've been working on perfecting the texture. I'm pretty close to being perfectly happy with it now. My regular testers have given me nothing but thumbs up on this serum from the get-go, so the extra texture-tweaking has been all my own doing (I admit it: I'm a tweak-freak).

Today's giveaway is all my own doing as well.

Shall we Take a Peek at the Ingredients?
aloe vera gel
rose hydrosol
cucumber extract (still need to do a posting on this ingredient)
hyaluronic acid
benzyl alcohol

This combo of ingredients soothes and smooths while adding a bit of firming action to the eye area. My testers all say they love the cool feel and the way it goes on.

Mini Roll-On
The sample size contains 10ml – enough for about 2-3 weeks of use. It has the cutest little roll-on applicator – as it should – because this product is made to be applied with a roll-on.

So, are you interested in giving this product a test run?

Cool, except there are rules.

OK, one rule.

The Rule
You have to agree to give me your 100% honest feedback on how this product works for you after you have used it for a week (og det er helt ok at dit feedback er på dansk).

That's it.

Three Winners
Now that you know the rule, if you still want to give this eye serum a try, please drop a comment below before January 30 at 12:00 noon Copenhagen time.

Three winners will be picked by my completely unbiased and neutral husband, and the names will be announced right here on January 31.

Good luck!


Anonymous said…
I have tried dozens of eye products without being really happy with them. I'd love to try this. Ghita
Anette W said…
I allways like to try new products so I'm in
Louise said…
I would love to try it!!
Anne Katrine said…
Would love to try it, and give some feedback :)
Anne-Sophie said…
Selvfølgelig vil jeg gerne prøve og komme med feedback :)
Kathrine C said…
Det ville være mig en ære, at få lov at prøve og komme med mine tanker om dette tilsyneladende skønne produkt :)
Anonymous said…
Comford zone makes a very wonderful
products! I'm all ind.
Nice day to everyone
Anonymous said…
I am 60+ and would love to try something for my eyes. And Yes, you would get a very honest review. :)
Two said…
It will be a real test to see if it can help balance being the mom of 2 girls! I'd love some help!
goodgirl said…
Your new product sounds really interesting and I would love to test! :)
Noaa said…
I and my mother would love to try it! I am younger but still would like to give it a try as well as my mom would also be giving it a test run! (double review!)
Anonymous said…
Jeg har ikke de store erfaringer med øjencreme for jeg synes ikke dem jeg har prøvet virker for mig. Men - jeg vil gerne prøve den ad og jeg vil være 100% ærlig med min oplevelse omkring det :)
Rikke said…
Ja, jeg er jo så heldig at have prøvet denne allerede, så jeg vil ikke optage et lod men blot sige, at den er absolut anbefalelsesværdig!

Kh Rikke
Lizzy said…
Ooh, I would love to try something like that!
Anonymous said…
Wow, sounds fab!
Sarah Withers said…
me please!
Louise Oksholt said…
Det lyder dejligt! Er meget nysgerrig efter hvordan den fikse roll on flaske virker.