The Emulsifier Twin Mix-up

I wouldn't have done this if I were working on a product for someone else, but this was a personal use product and I was feeling adventurous. Instead of throwing out the batch after discovering my mistake, I decided to see what happens when you get the oil-loving V-E emulsifier mixed up with the water-loving M-F emulsifier.
Pictured is the water phase of this lavender clay cleanser shortly after I noticed the oil-loving emulsifier beading up on the surface as if to proclaim 'I don't belong here!'

Continuing as if nothing was wrong, I continued to stir as the product cooled (stopping to snap a few pics along the way).

To my surprise, it started stiffening up 'as per usual'.

So I went ahead and added the exfoliating jojoba beads I normally add to this product and bottled it up as per usual.

A Fortnight Later

After using the product for 2 weeks, there was no question; these emulsifiers work like a charm – even when you get them mixed up. The texture is still behaving beautifully.

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