Melt-in Body Frappé - A New Body Butter is Born

Through much of the Summer and Fall, I have been exploring mixing cocoa butter with different oils, and trying numerous production techniques and temperatures in search of the simplest, most basic whipped body butter. Butter has gotten under my skin (literally!) – I can't stop thinking about new combinations with different butters, oils and scents. Ideas for formulas have been swirling around in my mind for weeks. The other day, one of them ended up at my fingertips in the form of this new concoction – immediately dubbed Melt-in Body Frappé.

What's in it

The ingredients list isn't very long – only 6 things:
- Organic cocoa butter  (great for the skin – read more here)
- Organic shea butter  (loads to offer the skin as well – read more here)
- Organic jojoba oil (which isn't really an oil, but a wax – read more here) I selected this for 3 reasons: it has a longer shelf life than many other plant-based oils, it is tolerated by even the most sensitive of skins, and I wanted a really neutral base.
- E-vitamin (the ideal antioxidant for fats and oils)
- Organic rose and lavender essential oils (to add extra soothing action that also delights the nose – and we do delight in delighting the nose).
That's it – no added preservatives because this is a water-free formula.

Production Notes

Here's a peek at the creation of this product – whipped to a light and airy consistency that made it worthy of bearing the frappé title.

Note the clever way I've protected the mixer (and my clothing) with this paper towel guard. This is a good way to keep splashing at a minimum in the inital whipping phase when everything is still liquid.

The essential oils have been added and are ready to be mixed in. (the telltale stain in the lower left corner is the giveaway that I forgot to do the clever protective paper towel thing until after I had splashed my clothes)

Ready to be transferred to the final containers.

I will usually try several different container sizes out and make sample sizes to pass to my regular testers. The container with the silver edge got slightly overfilled making the inset disk mess up the surface. No worries, I'll just have to use that one myself.

How Does it Work?

My first tester was ready to lick it from her fingers and kept applying it and sniffing the container (very good sign!). My other testers: it's still en route to most of them. My own review: love the texture, love the melt-in-ability. The only thing I MAYBE want to tweak is the scent (and then again, maybe not)...

The Possibilities Are Endless

If you want to make your own body butter, it's pretty easy to do. You can pare it back to the simplest of ingredients (part butter, part oil) and do a simple 'melt-and-pour' operation that will have you set and ready to butter up within an hour. A whipped butter is a bit more time consuming (but still easy peasy) This step by step tutorial can be adjusted to your own liking with the butters and oils of your choice.

And if you don't want to do your own (hey, not everybody has the time, equipment, ingredients, containers, or even desire), then you can have your very own custom-made body butter by contacting me.


Rikke said…
This Melt-in Body Frappé is defenetly reccomentable!! I have tried it and I love it. It reminds me of wipped cream and the scent is lovely! My skin absorbs it easily. And best of all - it has a very positive effect on my kids' winter eczema.

Lise - thumbs up :o) :o) :o)

Kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Yay Rikke! Thanks so much! I must admit I'm getting thumbs up from everyone on this one so far. Gotta love that!
Boony said…
Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!! I hope I get to try it too... otherwise I'll just have to buy one! :) I wonder how it will do for eye-makeup removal...
LisaLise said…
Boony, I do indeed have a sample ready for you. I'm not sure about make-up removal (haven't tried it yet to be quite honest). Send me a mail so we can arrange this.. :)