I'm Tickled Pink – So You Get a Discount!

I'm tickled pink about being a beaut-e biz winner! Celebration is in order!

The winner of the beaut-e online competition won a Personally Formulated Face Oil. Therefore, I am cutting, no – slashing the regular price for Personally Formulated Face Oil through Dec 10 for beaut-e newsletter readers. To get your discount, all you have to do is sign on for the beaut-e Newsletter. This will enable you to receive the secret discount code!

This blend size lasts for 6 - 8 months with daily use on face, and up to 2 months if used daily on face and body. 

But How Can I Give A Personalized Oil as a Christmas Gift and Keep it a Secret? (I hear you asking)

Do not fret! You can still keep this as a Christmas surprise for your loved one by ordering now and receiving a voucher. And I promise I won't tell your loved one about it until after they open their present.

Now, go sign up!