Elles Review - Personal Blend Face Oil

If you have been following this blog the past week, you may have noticed an addition to the page (hint: it's the winners badge on the right). LisaLise was chosen as a beaut-e biz winner! Yay!

Because of this, I have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Elle Mason, the savvy and incredibly charming founder of beaut-e online – a brand new online community for organic, hand-crafted and natural beauty products (my kind of place to be sure!)

It's much easier to write about something you are familiar with, so as part of the give-away prize for one lucky beaut-e competition participant, I made a Personal Blend Face Oil for Elle to try.

I'm hoping you're curious to find out what she thought about the ordering process and how the product works for her. If you are, please visit the beaut-e blog and read Elles review.

Now, excuse me while I dance jauntily around the room in merriment for a week or so.