Hydrosol Mix of the Week - Juniper, Lemon and Sage

This is a rather unusual combination that I wouldn't have expected much from. To tell the truth, this combo came about because I had one hydrosol that needed finishing and another with only a splash left in the bottle. The third was juniper. I hadn't yet tried mixing anything with juniper – ever. There was only one thing to do: throw caution to the wind and give it a whirl. I learned something new.

Juniper Hydrosol

Juniper is cleansing, purifying and has some astringent properties. It helps clear skin and stimulate circulation. As a stand alone hydrosol, it's great for reviving tired feet and legs (superb after a long day of walking or shopping). It is equally effective as a stimulating scalp tonic. Its green, resin-like scent is almost medicinal and has a manly, serious quality about it. At the same time, the scent is quite refreshing and 'foresty'.

Sage Hydrosol

Sage hydrosol offers purifying, balancing, and deodorizing properties. It also brings sweat-inhibiting qualities (ideal for hot summer days and hot flashes). The crisp, green, scent is mild and quite pleasant.
See this earlier post about sage for more info.

Lemon hydrosol

A lemon 'hydrosol' isn't a true hydrosol. Because lemon essential oil is not made from steam distillation, but from pressing the rinds, it is only possible to make a lemon 'hydrosol' with evaporated and condensed organic lemon juice. It is a lovely, mild, and skin-friendly liquid with a large concentration of aromatic molecules (and smells delicious). See this earlier post about lemon for more info.

The Combo - and What I Learned

Gin is mixed with all kinds of other spirits, so, logically, one would assume a juniper hydrosol would lend itself to participating in a hydrosol cocktail. And so it does! These 3 hydrosols mix so beautifully that it is pure refreshing luxury to use this blend as a skin drench. I will most definitely be repeating this combination. It's positively exhilarating! Lesson: don't be afraid to throw caution to the wind when mixing hydrosols!


Rikke said…
Ummm lækkert :-)
LisaLise said…
Den er også dejlig-- overraskende forfriskende! :)