The Catalog Made Me Do it!

Not too long ago, a catalog from one of my fave ingredients suppliers arrived in the mail.

Uh oh. That's downright dangerous.

I get giddy about cosmetics ingredients the way some ladies swoon over shoes or handbags, and here was an entire catalog chock full of actives, emulsifiers and gelling agents, oils galore, detailed technical info, and an 'organic' logo splashed across practically every page. Can you blame me for ordering a few things?

Coming soon

  • A couple of new oils
  • A new gelling agent (yeah, I can tell you're excited about that one, but I promise it's really cool!)
  • A new active ingredient
  • An old active ingredient in a new way

Stay tuned!


Rikke said…
Utroligt så flot du kontrollerede dig selv der, Lise - hvis du altså er. Jamen som du ved, så kender jeg det jo kun aaaalt for godt :-)

kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Tihi - ja, det var pengepungen der styrede denne gang... jeg havde næsten lige placeret en bestilling, men så kom alle disse nye spændende ting...