Thanks to You, it's Already Been a Year!

Tomorrow I have been blogging for a year. A whole year!!
During this past year, I have met a lot of wonderful, talented, and interesting people who have helped to enrich, educate, enlighten, and inspire me!  And, for that, please allow me to thank you.

THANKS (in no particular order) TO

JULIA - for your entertaining writing, blogging tips, and testing my products

ANETTE - for your inquisitive nature, positive attitude, and testing my products

RIKKE - for kindness, support, lace gloves, product swapping, and 'talking shop'

LOUISE - for your interest in making your own cosmetics and passion for life

JEN - for your fabulous designs and always positive attitude

COLIN - for entertaining while you enlighten, and for linking to my post

DENE - for patiently taking the time to explain things so the rest of us can understand it

LISA - for your dedicated quest for truth and for introducing me to Dene

LIIS - for your friendship, talking shop, fabulous eyeshadows, and juniper berries

LESLIE - for your passion, for soap nuts, and for food on my face

FIONA - for your kindness, interest in my products and for your retweets

FELECIA - for your dedication to what you do and willingness to share it openly

AMY - for your positive attitude, friendliness, and retweets

And to everyone who stops by regularly, occasionally, or even just once to read this blog, thank you for spending time here. Please feel free to come back.

Are you ready for a group hug? (or is that too much for a Monday?)

PS: Tomorrow there will be a little celebration of my one year blog-a-versary – right here.


Anette Kristine said…
I lige måde dygtige Lise...Tak. kh Anette
Rikke said…
Kære Lise

Jeg kan også kun sige i lige måde! Det har været kæmpe fornøjelse at "møde" dig, at læse med her på bloggen, at lære af dig og at udveksle alt muligt!

Kh Rikke
Lisa M. Rodgers said…
Lise -

Thanks so much for your kinds words. Congratulations on your year mark! Wishing you a lifetime of blogging happiness & success!

Rikke said…
ps: Stort tillykke med jubilæet!!!

kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
@Anette - Ih altså! Nu rødmer jeg!
@Rikke - Tuuusind tak!!
@Lisa - I thank you! (again!)
Anonymous said…
Thank you Lisa! Congrats on your one year anniversary. It's such a milestone and you should be so proud of yourself. Keep on making your fabulous natural skin care products, we need companies like yours.
Good luck on the infused oils. I'm so excited about hearing how it went.
LisaLise said…
Yay Felecia! I promise to update on the infused oils-- you are my inspiration for that one!
Boony said…
Your blog is such a good idea! I'm so glad you decided to 'throw yourself into it' as they say here in DK. You are a veritable fountain of knowledge (and a stubborn detective) on all things skin care and beauty related! Thank you!! :) (and keep up the good work)
LisaLise said…
Awww thanks so much Boony! HUGS!!
Louise Oksholt said…
Kære Lise, hvor dejligt at komme hjem fra ferie i Italien, til sådan en sød blogpost :)

Og i lige måde! Du er altid en inspiration, og din store viden har allerede givet mig mange timers læsestof.
LisaLise said…
Du er så velkommen Louise!