Not Quite The Horses Mouth

I just got an email from the preservatives expert that answered my questions about ethylparaben and methylparaben in this posting.

I have a correction.

Long time preservatives expert with many credentials: yes
Member of the SCCS: no

He wrote:
"...All comments that I make are based on my personal interpretation of the scientific knowledge available. The fact that the SCCS and I are in agreement (broadly) over parabens is a great comfort to me, but THEY are the real experts when it comes to toxicology, and it is THEY who have ruled that methylparaben and ethylparaben are each safe to use in cosmetics at concentrations up to 0.4%, and that propylparaben and butylparaben are safe up to a combined concentration of 0.19%.

I will keep tracking your blog, and I hope that you get a result, but you may wish to correct your statement about my connection with the SCCS..."

Hereby done.

PS. Doesn't change the facts about Ethyl and Methyl though. 

(so I'm still right!)