Getting by on Oil and Hydrosol

It's been unusually hectic around here this summer. After our offices were flooded on July 2, we've been cleaning up and sorting out non-stop while working from very temporary quarters. It's a hodge-podge existence. Energy level: low

Adding Insult to Injury

Our insurance company decided to add to the fun by announcing that – after covering these damages – they would no longer cover anything having to do with any kind of water damage in any basement – anywhere on earth – forever and ever.


I guess they feel a bit 'flooded' by all the claims at the moment, but seriously, our offices have been located in a basement for some 25 odd years without as much as a drop of water damage until this blasted flooding. Nonetheless, we find ourselves forced to find alternative permanent space for our offices, on top of fixing up the flooded rooms... (and yes, we are changing insurance companies as well).

No Time For Fun

A seemingly never-ending mass of unexpected extra work has kept me from all the stuff I love doing the most lately: my job, my skin care products, and blogging. I haven't had a spare moment to experiment with new ingredients or work on planned new products, and I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to blog about....

Minimal Daily Skin Care

It's been so hectic every day (weekends included), that even the beloved daily skin care regimen has gotten a little slap-dash as of late – only the barest of basics: a face wash followed by a spritz of hydrosol, then application of (a personal-blend) face & body oil. This been going on for 2 months now. No masks (except the 2-minute honey mask). No exfoliation. No skin creams. No lotion. No gels. Hardly even any makeup.

Even though I miss having time and energy for 'my own personal luxury treatment', this bare basic stuff has actually been working just fine. Nice to see that it is possible to get by with a very few skin care ingredients without the face falling off!

What's in Store

I have plans of more stuff on body butter, as well as a couple of new things. It is almost a year since I started this blog. Time flies!


Rikke said…
Puha det lyder ikke sjovt med alt det vand, og al den tid, der er gået med at rydde op. Håber, du snart kan få arbejdsro, så du kan komme til cremegryderne igen.

Kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Tak Rikke!
Mon ikke snart det værste er overstået. Det bliver lidt triviel når det er nonstop kedelige ting man skal beskæftige sig med. Vi må kom tilbage til det sjove igen!