Feedback From Winners of The Body Butter Giveaway

Thanks to the winners of the Batch 3 Whipped Bare Basic Body Butter Giveaway for sending me your feedback. I've compiled the answers (along with the feedback from my regular testers) and here are your comments:

Which Was The Better Butter?

I asked everyone to vote for their fave: the butter with hazelnut oil or with thistle oil. Well, guess what – half of you are in love with the scent of the hazelnut, while the other half were 'definitely thistle' gals. A couple of ladies said they would have preferred to have some essential oil for added scent, and one lady said she loved both of them equally. But all in all, it was about as close to a tie as it could be.


Almost everyone liked this consistency. Most said it was easy to use. Two said they would have preferred the texture a bit softer. One of the winners of batch 2 said she preferred the consistency of the previous batch (which was a bit stiffer than this one). And, as for the 'long-distance ladies' in North America: 2 (out of 3) said the butters arrived in a liquid state. Oh dear! Both ladies put theirs into a fridge or freezer to stiffen them up again. From the description I received, the butter then got too stiff. Lesson: these butters aren't suitable for long distance travel!

Where The Butter Was Used

There was a full range of uses here: face, neck, legs, feet, hands, elbows, lips, and even eyelashes! Many experimented with different areas and wrote that they ended up using the butter quite differently that they expected. For example: one lady started with her feet and ended up using it as a face moisturizer. Another lady was thrilled at how well they worked as eye make-up remover (particularly for waterproof mascara).

A Few Impressions and Comments

  • Add a little cosmetic spatula with the butter (great idea!)
  • The PERFECT combination would be the one with the hazelnut oil scent and thistle oil texture
  • Both butters have very good absorption – especially on my shins and elbows that are often dry
  • For a body butter, I would expect something that spread just a bit easier
  • Both butters worked best if applied to damp skin. If applied to dry skin, they would tend to sit on top instead of sinking in.
  • I liked the way they felt on my skin – very soft and sweet
  • I loved these for feet – they really helped my dry heels
  • My husband tried the hazelnut one and said it smelled like chocolate  – he was ready to spread it on bread and eat it
  • I've never used body butter before, so I had to get used to having to melt it first in my hands before applying. After I got past that, I really liked how soft they made my skin feel
  • A cotton pad drenched in warm water – then 'scraped over the body butter' and gently applyied to eyelashes removes even hardcore waterproof mascara. This beats everything I've used for removing mascara.
  • The thistle butter absorbed more quickly, which fooled me into applying more, as it seemed like there wasn't enough on. 
  • I love using it on my lips so much, I'm hesitant to use my precious supply anywhere else! 


It's impossible to make one single body butter that everyone finds perfect (why in the world did I ever think I could actually achieve that?!) – but it has really been fun trying.

LisaLise One Year Blog-a-versary

The one year anniversary of this blog is swift approaching, so I have decided to wrap up this entire body butter series with a little celebratory surprise – just for you! Please check back on Sept 27 to help me celebrate!


Rikke said…
It vas fun participating. Thanks for giving feedback on the feedback ;-)
LisaLise said…
most welcome Rikke! I learned a lot from everyones feedback!