Whipped Body Butter - Batch 3 Giveaway

Are you ready for the next whipped freebie butter giveaway? Good, because I've finally found a name for this product: Bare Basic Body Butter (seriously, would anything else really do?). Thanks to everyone who commented on or took the poll about which body butter scent they preferred (I promise to get back to that).  For this giveaway (with a total of 10 winners), there are a couple of developments...

Development Number 1

This is no longer a 2-ingredient product. I've now added vitamin E. Why? Because vitamin E is an antioxidant and good for extending the shelf life of fats and oils.

Development Number 2

Because of the feedback on the last batch (some liked the scent – some didn't), I pondered and puzzled over what to do with this batch – how to make everyone happy.

And then it came to me: make two versions!

So I did.
- one version contains cocoa butter and organic hazelnut oil (just like batch 2, but with adjusted amounts so the texture is softer)
- the other version contains cocoa butter and organic thistle oil (this oil is drier, quicker to sink into the skin and doesn't have the distinct 'nutty' scent of hazelnut)

Double The Fun!

Therefore, ladies and gents, the winners of this giveaway will receive not one – but 2 versions of Bare Basic Body Butter!

'But Lise, they look exactly the same. How will we tell them apart?' (I hear you asking with a worried voice)

Do not fret! I've put a sneaky little sticker on the bottom of each jar so you'll be able to tell which one has thistle oil and which one has hazelnut oil.

Here's the secret code:
T = thistle oil (tidsel olie)
H = hazelnut oil (hasselnøddekerne olie)
Sneaky stickers with secret code on the bottom of each jar.

And now, we're looking for some bodies to butter up!

Bare Basic Body Butter Batch 3 Giveaway Rules

To participate, you must agree to
  1. give me your completely honest feedback on how these butters feel and work for you. (og feedback må meget gerne gives på dansk.)
  2. live with not knowing if the cocoa butter is organic or not (if you are new to the butter giveaways, please read this previous post to learn why.)

Drop a Comment to be Among The Lucky 8

There will be a total of 10 winners for this batch. Both Lene and Lana (whos names were drawn for the batch 2 giveaway) were automatically included as winners for this batch. So, we're looking for 8 bodies to butter up and help decide – once and for all – which is the better butter!

Please post a comment below before August 25 at 12:00 noon (Copenhagen time).

As earlier, all winners shall be picked at random by my completely neutral and unbiased husband, and the winning names will be posted here on August 26.

Good luck, and may the best butter win!


Anette said…
Hvor sejt Lise... you rock!
Boony said…
Uuuu! What a good idea using thisle oil! I would love to win so I can compare! :)

Here's hoping (and crossing my fingers)
Louise said…
Spændende! :)
Er meget nysgerrig efter hvordan forskellen på tidsel/hasselnøddeolie føles.
Rikke said…
Cool. Mine fødder vil gerne deltage i denne giveaway. Og jeg er igang med honningmaskeforsøget - dog uden koldslynget. I will keep you informed :-)

Kh Rikke
Anna said…
Jeg vil super gerne være med :)
Alicyn said…
the three-ingredient body butter sounds amazing! i do love a nutty scent, but some of my family members do not. if i am lucky enough to win i would be happy to give you reviews. :)
Anonymous said…
Ooh, sounds luscious. I love the fragrance of hazlenut, (in fact I add a dash of hazlenut to my coffee). Not all that familiar with thistle oil, but am anxious to give it a try. I like the fact that it is "quicker to sink into the skin".
Laura R. USA
LiisK said…
Wonderful :) I'd sure like to join the fun :) Thank you!
Triin said…
I would like to take part. This sounds fantastic! Thank you:-)
Maggie said…
Ooo, how fun! I would love to try your body butters, they sound amazing! :)
Amy said…
I'd love to butter up my bod! Great blog & thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog :)

Amy @BlondeTXGoddess
M said…
Amazing ! I have to use creams or butters everyday, because i have some bad skin disease, and i actually love butters ! :)

Take care !
Lil' M.
Kerli said…
Oh awesome! I've always liked body butters but never tried an organic one! I'll cross my fingers then!

Best wishes,
✿ Mei ✿ said…
What a great giveaway :) I definitely will participate ;)