Swimming in it

In Copenhagen, scuba gear is all the rage for basement offices this summer.

As much as I love water, there is a limit. Last Saturday, Copenhagen was hit by weather – lots of it. Lighting, thunder, rain, and more rain caused flooding all over the city in proportions previously unseen – ever! Our entire office area was flooded and we were without net and (landline) phone for a few days. We are still assessing the damage and trying to make some order out of the chaos we suddenly find ourselves in.

I would love to complain about the situation, but despite the soaked everything, I still feel we have been lucky.  We were lucky enough to have 'relatively clean' sewage water (if there is such a thing) flood our place (even though we are talking about 3 rooms). Some good friends who live in our area were flooded as well, but their water came complete with a selection of dead rats and other 'smelly solids' (yuck!!). So, yeah, we were a bit luckier there.

We were also lucky because we just happened to be present when it hit our place and could more or less spring into action to save what we could (after getting over the initial shock of going from bone dry to a veritable sea in what seemed like a nanosecond).

What Does This Have to Do With Skin Care?

Not much, but I thought I should explain why I have to scale back a bit on the frequency of my postings for a while – just until we get a bit closer to normal around here.

I've got a whole new series (on skin lightening ingredients) coming up, giveaways, and more fun stuff, so I hope you will stay tuned!

PS. Have you ever had 'nature hit' your home or office? What did you do? 


LiisK said…
Has not happened to our family but there was a huge problem some years back when a winter storm flooded Pärnu city - I presume that was loads of fun for the poor people living there. I think there hasn't been any huge seastorms hereabouts in 40-50 years because everyone still insists in building their house on the seaside. This is something I really cannot understand - seaside is as a rule a windy place, 10 months of the year it's windy+cold and when the big one comes, there will be no house left either.
Boony said…
Our basement was flooded too. We basically have to chuck everything we had in storage there... mattresses, old CD's, books and some other suitcases. Fortunately, none of it was very important, so it's not too big of a deal. Irritating none the less, though!
Hope you get back to normal, and up and running again soon... and that the interim doesn't cause too much lost income!
LisaLise said…
@Liisk: I know exactly what you mean. I've seen houses on the west coast of Denmark literally fall into the sea because the land eroded away right from under them. Of course, then there's that short time in the summer when the weather is good.... that must be why people still want to live near the sea. We tend to forget the bad part and remember the good don't we?

@Boony: So sorry for you! I seriously have not met anyone lately that hasn't had something ruined from this flooding. It's unbelievable how quickly and hard it hit. Thanks for your well wishes!