LisaLise on BeautySpace

I'm all smiles. I'll bet you can guess why.

Anette at BeautySpace did a write-up on my products (and me), and had nothing but good things to say.

For non-Danish readers, I (happily ecstatically) explain that Anette is a veritable icon in the Danish world of beauty. She writes for Elle, contributes regularly to the beauty section of the major Danish newspaper Børsen, sits on the judging panel for the Danish Beauty Awards and has an outrageously popular blog that is frequently quoted in magazines and other print media. Here is the page with her write-up (Danish language only)

I am honored.

If you're curious to try what Anette's wonderful words are about, drop a comment here to sign up for this ROSE HYDROSOL GIVEAWAY. Be sure and sign up before August 1.

Now, excuse me while I dance wildly around the room whooping joyously with raised arms for the next 48 hours.


Rikke said…
Hej Lise

Det var også via Anette, jeg fandt dig. Og det er jeg rigtig glad for *smil*

Kh Rikke
Lori R. said…
Congratulations on the writeup!

LisaLise said…
@Rikke ih altså tak og i lige måde!!
@Lori - thanks so much! (I stopped joyously dancing around and whooping long enough to check my mail)
Boony said…
Yay!! You, like, totally, deserve it! :)
LisaLise said…
Yay thanks Boony! This is also my first post that has received a rating with 4 'wows'. Wow!