Hydrosol Skin Mist Giveaway

I just love it when people ask me about ingredients. Anette at BeautySpace asked me about hydrosols not too long ago and this inspired me to do a little hydrosol skin mist giveaway before we get to the next giveaway batch of freebie body butter. (it must be giveaway season!)

Have You Ever Tried a Hydrosol? 

If not, here's your chance. I'm giving away 5 purse-sized samples of the Real Deal – the Queen of Skin Care – 100% pure organic rose hydrosol. Read on to learn about hydrosol (cuz it's really cool stuff that you want to know), then drop a comment below to enter.

How is Hydrosol Made?

To produce a hydrosol (and many essential oils), herbs, plants (or, in this case, organically grown Damask Roses) are distilled with pure spring water that is heated and steam-pressed through the rose petals. To get the absolute most out of the roses, they are distilled within a few hours of being picked. The steam helps release the essential oils from the plant material. The released oils and steam pass through a cooling process (a series of swirly distiller-tubes) that turns the steam back to liquid. The oils and liquid are then carried along more (not quite so swirly) distiller tubes and finally deposited in a container where the essential oils naturally rise to the surface and float around, waiting to be skimmed off and bottled. After the essential oils are collected, the remaining liquid is – you guessed it – the hydrosol.

What's So Special About Hydrosol?

Every hydrosol carries a small amount of the oil-soluble, and a bigger amount of the water-soluble active ingredients from the original plant – it's aromatic power-water that offers all kinds of benefits. For example, rose hydrosol is an all-natural, wonderful skin tonic that gently tones and moisturizes and is ideal for all skin types. It also has an exquisitely delicate scent that is positively mood-lifting.

Apart from being wonderful end products, hydrosols also bring an extra-luxurious and skin-nourishing boost to creams and lotions when they are used as the liquid base instead of water. (all of my products use hydrosols instead of water).

How Do I Get One?

The rules are very simple. Drop a comment below before August 1 (at 12 noon Copenhagen time). As in earlier giveaways, my neutral and completely unbiased husband will be asked to pick 5 random names from the entries. The winning 5 names will be announced here on August 2. Good luck!

More about Rose on this Blog 

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LiisK said…
I'd love to participate! This sounds really pleasant and I think it can be used to set makeup too.
LisaLise said…
Liis you are absolutely right. I've used it for ages for setting make-up and it's wonderful.
angry angel said…
oooh, Lise, throw my name in the hat! So impressed with this new endeavor of yours...and wish you great success!

all the best to you and that neutral hubby of yours!

kit nowell
Lana said…
Uha, det lyder lækkert :)

Den vil jeg gerne vinde.

Mvh Lana
Regitze said…
Har læst med hos Anette - og MÅ simpelthen deltage i konkurrencen!!! :) Jeg krydser fingre, kunne så godt tænke mig at prøve hydrosol nu.

KH Regitze
Sådan én ville jeg gerne vinde for at prøve én! Det er et ret ny begreb for mig, så kunne være spændende at prøve en hydrosol. :)
rijaH said…
Den lyder altså rigtig god :D jeg er med!
Mormelar said…
Wonderful! Count me in ;)
Kissu said…
wow, that looks amazing :) I want to try it :P
M said…
Oh, that what my skin need ! Great idea.

Take care !
Lil' M.
Kerli said…
I found your blog through LiisK (thank you!) and i would really want to try this hydrosol! :)

Mariel said…
Wow, I am deffinetly interested to try out some new products :)
Alicyn said…
congrats on the writeup by anette! i wish google translator had done a better job on her site, the "translation" was about as helpful as the danish to me! :) but i have been very interested in hydrosols since reading about them on your blog, and i would love to try this rose one.
Maria Sobol said…
Krydser fingre - kunne virkelig godt tænke mig at prøve den :)

- Maria S.
Anna-Vera said…
ooooo! Yes please! Sign me up too!
What a nice giveaway! I'll try my luck.
Anonymous said…
Kære Lise.
Put også mit navn i hatten:)
Jeg vil super gerne vinde. Jeg trænger til at blive lækker med hydrosol.
Triin said…
I'd love to participate. It looks amazing:D
Connie said…
Would love to try this one.

MetteM said…
Hej Lise.
Uuh, jeg kunne godt tænke mig at få fingrene i en af de spændende prøver. Din viden og engagement er inspirerende. Sælgere er der nok af, men du ved tydeligvis, hvad du snakker om. I like!!