Clay Mask Kit

A family member had a birthday recently. She had a specific wish for a 'LisaLise face mask kit'. I didn't really make have to make anything – just buy the necessary bits and pieces and put them all together in a pretty package.

To make it just a bit more personal, I put the clay in a cool container I had recently bought and made a label complete with mask instructions so she had both ingredients and instructions right at hand.

The kit included:

  • white clay
  • application brush
  • lavender essential oil
  • honey (not shown)
  • jojoba (not shown)
  • natural sponge for removing the mask (not shown)
  • 3 satchels of lavender and cornflower (for making an infusion – not shown)

(with all these 'not-showns', can you tell I photographed this before I was done shopping for it?)

This kit is based on the 10-minute lavender mask recipe  (with a couple of minor differences. She wanted cleansing/detox with moisturizing, so I added honey to the mix. Also, I replaced the almond oil with jojoba).

It's actually a great gift idea to give a friend or family member a DIY mask kit, complete with instructions. Just thought I'd share that.

PS. She liked the present a lot. :)


LiisK said…
This reminds me - I have not had clay masks in years! All I do is just soak in tub, rub the skin over with micro-fleece and oil it up later... Occasionally I put crushed pineapple our some cucumber on the face as well but no clay. I seem to remember I did not like the feeling when the mask started to dry in the face :S.
This gift is very nice though. :)
LisaLise said…
Hi Liis,

You are right about a mask feeling different when it starts to dry. A clay mask should be removed before it dries completely. A tip is to add a teaspoon of oil to the mix. :)