Whipped Freebie Butter - Batch 2 Giveaway

This weeks project: Create a skin-loving, light and airy, moisturizing whipped body butter with a few simple ingredients – two to be exact. One of the ingredients (the cocoa butter) was free due to a label mix-up at my suppliers warehouse.

The other ingredient: subject to change with each batch. For a rundown of what was unacceptable about batch 1, please catch up here.

Oh Please Leave No Detail Out – Tell Us Everything About The Butter and How it Behaved in Batch 2

Really? You sure?

Well, since you ask...

For the second batch, I decided to try hazelnut oil as the partner ingredient. The mix started off slow and sluggish (but smelled absolutely delicious). For the longest while it didn't really look like this combo felt like being whipped into anything at all.. until.... ohmygoodness.... this looks like it might be a good texture. Yeah, I've been fooled before – let's see how it stiffens up... ohmygoodness... this is still a pretty good texture. Yeah, but then it might feel too greasy on the skin...ohmygoodness... it melts in immediately and feels absolutely exquisite. Batch 2?? Something useful already??

Do it Again

The real test of making a good butter-based product is being able to duplicate it – every time.  And, although this batch shows real promise, I'm pretty sure it can be even better with a bit of tweaking. Meantime...

Batch 2 Giveaway

It would be nice with a couple of bodies to try this batch. See the 2 smaller containers in the pic above? There's a fairly generous 15ml in each one. Would you like one?

Here's the ingredients list: cocoa butter, organic hazelnut oil.

Here's the catch: I normally work exclusively with organic cocoa butter, but due to the label mix-up, I am unable to guarantee that this cocoa butter is indeed organic. The supplier who delivered this sells both a certified organic and a 'pure and natural' version. Therefore, if you sign on for this, you'll have to live with not knowing.

Here's the second catch: You have to be willing to send me your honest feedback on how it feels, smells, and works for you (og det er ganske tilladt og velkommen at skrive feedback på dansk).


Knowing what you now know, if you're still willing to try this whipped freebie butter (that I have temporarily given the name of Cocoa Butter & Hazelnut Body Butter), please post a comment below. Two names will be chosen at random (by my completely unbiased and neutral husband) on Monday, June 6, 12 noon(Copenhagen time) and the winners will be posted here on Tuesday June 7.

PS. If you're wondering why this product is preservative-free, it is because the lack of water content makes the addition of preservatives unnecessary. (cool, huh?)


Anonymous said…
Jeg faldt over dig ovre på Beautyspace hvor der stod, at man kunne blive tester her? sandt? Jeg er totalt beauty-junkie og creme-nørd og ville da ELSKE det :D
Vh Lene
LisaLise said…
Hej Lene. Jep du har ret. Velkommen til!
Christina said…
Hej Lise!
Fandt lige din blog ovre ved Anette på Beautyspace - og jeg vil meget gerne teste en gang cocoa butter på min krop :) Forestiller mig at det dufter fantastisk!
Mvh. Christina Hald
Alicyn said…
that sounds amazing! does it smell like nutella? :)
Boony said…
I had the same thought as Alycin. I would love to test this one too!!
LTP said…
Jeg vil også vældig gerne være en tester!

Jeg har en smule hudallergi, så min hud er meget følsom over for konserveringsmidler o.l.

At den er økologisk gør det jo bare bedre.
Lana said…
Jeg vil lige poket af min veninde til denne vidunderlige give-away.

Jeg må sige, at det lyder aldeles lækkert og helt klart lever op til devisen "hvis du gider spise det, så er det også okay til din hud" - et motto jeg desværre synes er ret svært at efterleve :/

Jeg kan sagtens skrive feedback på engelsk, så det er lige til at smide på bloggen :)
ikkinlala said…
Wish I lived in Denmark! I'll have to keep my eye out for hazelnut oil here.
Rikke said…
Yes - så lykkedes det endelig at kommentere. Jeg vil med glæde teste! Jeg er jo igang med mission bløde hæle efter din opskrift med neglebørsten. Her ville butter være perfekt at teste.

Kh Rikke

Btw - hvordan
Tyra said…
Oh that sounds fantastic! I can totally live with not knowing. With the belly growing like crazy these days, I've been pondering new options to slather on.