Trendsetting Summer Skin Savers

This pair of genuine lace gloves is over 60 years old and was a gift from a wonderful lady named Inger. They are a little fragile and need a bit of patience to put on, but look so fancy I think they are worth the trouble.
This could be trendsetting. On the other hand, it could be 'so yesterday' that the fashion police are summoned. This summer – I'm wearing gloves. Not gardening gloves (well, those too, but only when gardening). I'm talking about dress gloves – fancy, crocheted cotton gloves, or lacy gloves, or fine white leather gloves. I'm going to wear them shopping, visiting, and when I am invited to summer garden parties or get-togethers. I shall promenade down the avenue sporting gloves at all occasions this summer season – and there's a reason.

It all started in the days of yore 

Waaaaaay back in yesteryear, it was not the least bit cool to have tanned skin. The whiter a ladys skin was, the more compliments she received (and the more envious her friends would be).

In those days, proper ladies would don their long summer frocks and their finest pair of summer gloves before leaving the house. They would complete the look with fitting head gear – not just to be fashionable, but also to protect their skin from the sun.

White leather gloves and paper-straw
hat with flower broche.

Practically Fashion or Fashionably Practical

Combining fashion with practicality makes perfect sense to me. I don't tan – at all – so for most of my life, I've been one of those people that 'don't do sun'. When the TV series Beverly Hills 90210 came right out and promoted untanned skin, I rejoiced. At long last my paleness was downright trendy!

But that's already a million years ago, and now I'm not quite sure what's trendy, except maybe taking care of ones skin. So, why not do it fashionably?

60+ year old lace gloves and crocheted
cotton hat

The Accessory Quest

I have therefore embarked on a quest for summer gloves (and fanciful sunscreening hats) to complete my skin-saving summer wardrobe. I am even attempting to crochet a pair – thanks to help from a patient family member (who is teaching me how) and this extremely talented lady (who provided me with a pattern). And – regardless of anyone phoning the fashion police – I plan to wear my skin saving accessories with jeans, dresses, t-shirts and everything else I may put on this summer. (sunblock included)

What do you think? Trendsetting or too yesterday? 


Rikke said…
Absolutely trendsetting! Mostly because I find it cool to be confident even when you stand out from the crowd!

Btw: hvis jeg må komme med et ønske: Så savner jeg at høre mere om, hvordan du varmer dine produkter op og, hvordan du styrer temperaturen under opvarmningen. Det er noget, der ofte er en udfordring for mig.

God weekend, Knus Rikke
LisaLise said…
Hej Rikke,

Mail mig med dine specifikke spørgsmål vedr opvarmning og jeg skal se om jeg kan være til hjælp! -- og igen - tak for alt dit hjælp med handsker!
LiisK said…
Very trendy :)
Am myself hunting for a big summer hat - quality-wise a very difficult task - most they sell is quite robust both in design and look :S
LisaLise said…
Oooh I love summer hats as much as gloves! And you are right about how hard it is to find quality hats. The ones I have that I love the most are many years old (and still look ok).