Skin Lightening with Plants and Vitamins - Second Update on 'C'

We have been following 2 ladies and the efforts to fade discolorations in their skin with a custom-made product that I have named Lighten Up - Herbal Skin Lightener. (See links to previous posts below).

Today, we're looking at how 'C' is doing with her unwanted age spots.

A Picture May Not Be Better Than 1000 Words

I am somewhat humbled by how incredibly difficult it is to recreate a setup for a 'continuation photo shoot' like this was supposed to be. It has proved to be as difficult as my initial problems with formulating this product! Even though I am using the exact same setting, lighting and camera, I find duplicating the angle and lighting close to impossible, and bow in admiration of the professionals who are able to do this kind of photography.

Even though these pictures may not tell the story as clearly as I had hoped, perhaps the story can at least be partially illustrated. I have picked out 1 semi-large age spot/discoloration on 'C's hand that is visible in these photos. It has all but disappeared after these past few weeks of constant use. Check the small red triangle on each photo that points downwards (towards the left) to the spot in question. It is only barely visible in the bottom photo. This isn't a Photoshop trick – promise!

'C's Feedback

'C' has been good about applying the gel twice daily (although she admits forgetting the odd application). She has also 'been pretty good, but not fanatic' about keeping her hands protected from the sun.

Overall, she has been pleased with the results, and says her skin 'seems freshened up and even tightened up a bit'. In general, the tient of her hands is visibly lighter. Almost all of her smaller and lighter age spots are no longer visible, but the larger, darker (and oldest) ones are still there. (For some reason, even they don't seem as dominant to the naked eye as they do in these pictures).

Good Enough To Continue?  

When asked if the results of using Lighten Up were satisfactory enough for continued use, the response was an immediate 'yes please!' 

To me, that's the best measure of success. I will continue working with these active ingredients in other dosages for a few futture projects I have in mind. More to come on that.

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