Meet The Mask - Scalp Soothing Treatment

This treatment is great for both med and women
This mask is ideal for sensitive scalps and will tackle itchiness and irritation almost immediately upon application. At the same time, it cleans and conditions the scalp and hair.

This soothing and rejuvinating treatment is based on a favorite of mine: Rhassoul Clay (also called Moroccan Soap Clay). The addition of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils brings bacteria busting power to the mix. You'll need about 45 minutes and...

You will need the following 

  • Water (preferrably demineralized)
  • Rhassoul clay (also known as Moroccan Soap Clay)
  • Jojoba 'oil' (excellent for hair and scalp care)
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil


If you have medium-length or longer hair, you will need to make a larger portion. This amount is for short hair. (If you do make a larger portion, do not increase the amount of the essential oils.)

  1. Fill 1/3 of a small (approx 1 cup) container with the liquid
  2. Add just enough clay to cover the bottom of the cup. (rhassoul 'grows' as it absorbs the liquid, so be careful not to put too much in. For a lump-free mixture, let the clay soak into the water completely before stirring. The ideal consistency for this mask is thinnish, but not watery.
  3. Add approx 1 teaspoon jojoba
  4. Add 5 drops Tea Tree essential oil and 5 drops Lavender essential oil to the mixture. (Note: essential oils are powerful concentrates and must be handled with care. NEVER apply essential oil directly on the skin)
  5. Stir until the consistency is even. To test: drip a spoonful of the mask back into the cup. The mixture should be thin enough to easily run off the spoon, yet thick enough to where the spoon remains fully coated when empty.

Applying the Mask

  • Run wet fingers through your hair a few times until it is slightly damp
  • Apply the mask mixture to your hair by hand and distribute completely, massaging the scalp gently. If you have the right consistency, the mixture is easily worked around the scalp, yet stays where it is applied without dripping.

Wearing the Mask

  • Wrap your hair in plastic wrap, then cover with a towel
  • Let sit for 15-20 minutes

Removing the Mask

  • Start by wetting the hair, then massaging the mixture around as you would a shampoo. Wet a bit more, and massage again, working your way around the entire scalp.
  • Rinse
  • Dry and set your hair as usual.

Note: Rhassoul is called 'soap clay' for a reason. It really does effectively clean both scalp and hair. If you try a 'sqeak test' on your hair as you are rinsing out the mixture, you will find that it is squeaky clean, but not so much so that it feels dry.

PS: If you are not all that crazy about the scent of tea tree oil (INCI: Melaleuca Alternifolia), try replacing it with Lemon-scented tea tree oil (INCI: Leptospermum petersonii). The effect will be the same.


Anonymous said…
Hello from Germany
I was looking for a good recipe for a hair mask with Rhassoul. I found your recipe and would like to try. I have a question about it. I've heard of ghassoul and Rhassoul. Do you use the normal Moroccan Rhassoul or red clay?I would greatly appreciate your comments, thank you.I'm sorry if my English is not so perfect!
Jenny K.