Hydrosol Mix of the Week - Sage and Melissa

Summertime heat calls for a crisp, refreshing skin tonic – something cooling, green and serene. Both Melissa (also known as lemon balm) and Sage (just known as sage) have a 'freshly-sliced cucumber' kind of freshness.

One would expect combining them would enhance the 'freshness' effect. I know both of these hydrosols quite well, but this is the first time I have tried combining them.

Let's see how things turned out.

Melissa - Lemon Balm

Melissa hydrosol has skin calming and antioxidant properties, and even helps fight skin infections. I have used it in many personalized skin tonics. It is good for combination skin and gentle enough for sensitive skin. I am seriously in love with its light, lemony-green-ish scent, and find it works well in just about any mix (and pretty much for every skin type).


Sage hydrosol offers the following properties: purifying, balancing and deodorizing. It also brings sweat-inhibiting qualities (ideal for both hot summer days and hot flashes!) The scent is crisp, green, fresh and mouth-watering – very much like sniffing the fresh herb.

How They Mix

Not only do these 2 do well together and compliment each others sense of freshness, they do not 'shift position' in the mix at all. The balance is so perfect that I can't believe I haven't thought of combining these 2 earlier. This is ideal as a refreshing skin mist or as a cooling face and body tonic.

One for the To-Do List

Adding aloe vera to this combination would make a wonderful after-sun skin calming mist, and I imagine the green scent of these 2 hydrosols together would work well with aloe veras distinct aroma.


Anette said…
Får lyst til at drikke den. Lise, det var en fejl med silikonen i Mix in Shine...men de har en anden hårolie uden silikone, som jeg lige tester og vender tilbage på. Tak fordi du lige var opmærksom.