DIY Hot Flash Solution with Sage

Struggling with constant uncontrollable hot flashes for over 7 years is a decent motivator for trying to find some relief. It stands to reason that a skin-related reaction like perspiring could be 'handled' safely and naturally with some sort of topical solution.

This has been the reasoning behind my quest for a natural, safe, and effective product for hot flashes (especially since my flashes don't seem to show even the slightest intention of lessening in either frequency or intensity).

Sage is all the Rage

After months of testing, I can conclude that sage hydrosol has the ability to successfully and measurably reduce both the onset and intensity of my hot flashes by two thirds. (Previous average: 17 a day with varying intensity and accompanying queasiness. Present average: 5-6 a day with low intensity and no queasiness in sight).

The Infusion Solution

I realize sage hydrosol is difficult to find, so here is a DYI solution that I recently tried (due to circumstances beyond my control). Although this infusion doesn't work as well as a hydrosol, there is noticable relief to be had.

Also – it's inexpensive, easy to make, and easy to use. Here's how:

You Will Need

  • Dried sage: about 3-5 grams (approx 0,2 oz)
  • Disposable tea filter (the size you use to make a full pot of tea)
  • Demineralized water - 200 ml (approx 6,5 oz)
  • Broad spectrum preservative: 1.5 - 2 ml (depending on which preservative you are using)
  • Sterile container with well-fitting lid (to contain the steam)
  • Mist/spray bottle


  1. Place the sage in the tea filter and staple it shut. Leave room so the contents can expand without bursting the bag. 
  2. Place the bag in the sterile container. 
  3. Boil the water and pour over the sage bag. 
  4. Add preservative according to recommended use. 
  5. Cover with lid and let steep for 10 minutes. Don't remove the lid until the steeping time is finished! 
  6. Remove the bag and strain the contents through a coffee filter into a spray bottle. 
  7. Cool.

If you choose to drop the preservative - make half a portion, store in the fridge and use within 48 hours. 

To Use

For optimal effect, finish your daily bath by dousing or spritzing yourself all over with this infusion (as if it were an all-over body tonic) and letting your skin air dry. Also, mist yourself with the infusion when you feel a hot flash coming on. The sage scent dissipates almost immediately, so don't be afraid to pour it on.

Tip: Find Your Starting Point

Have you noticed where your hot flashes start? A lady I know says her hot flashes always begin at her ankles, then crawl upward, ending in her face. Another lady says hers start (and end) in her cheeks. For me, it's (inconveniently) right between my shoulder blades.

Try and pinpoint your 'hot flash starting point'. Mist it with the sage infusion just as you feel a hot flash coming on. In my experience, this method will more often than not keep the hot flash at bay. 

NOTE: This is a preservative-free formula and will last for 1 day. If possible, store your infusion in the refrigerator (which is doubly ideal as you are using this mixture to cool yourself with!). If you don't mind using preservatives, you can make a larger portion at a time. I made half a liter (about 17 oz) and used a preservative. This amount lasted an entire week for me.

Willing to Share?

If you give this a try and it helps (or even if it doesn't), I'd be very interested in hearing about it. My ulterior motive – to find other perspiring (read: hot-flash plagued) ladies to share experiences with. Please leave a comment.

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