Caffeine Sculpting Gel - Tweaking and Tinkering

The latest batch of gel is housed in these coffee-colored bottles with snazzy gold
neck and no-nonsense white pump.

While I tweak and tinker with one of my products under development – Double Shot Caffeine Sculpting Gel – the search for the ideal container continues. Pictured above, the present (and quite possibly final) container: a coffee-colored bottle (fitting for a caffeine gel, don't you think?) with a snazzy gold neck and pump top.

More Active Ingredients

From the first batch, this gel has really 'behaved well', and I could have stopped there. However, I want this to be as much of a powerhouse as possible, so the tweaking has mainly consisted of adding more active ingredients to the mix. Added so far: Pomegranate Extract, Silk Protein, and Narrowleaf Plantian Extract (a post is upcoming on this ingredient).

Combined with the caffeine, these additions bring antioxidants, collagen-stimulation and cell-renegerative action to the mix. I'm still completely thrilled about how this product works for me. It has already become part of my daily routine.

Container History

Below, the different containers I've used while developing the contents.

Batch 1 was in this cool glass jar. I love the look, but it is completely impractical for this texture.

Batches 2 + 3 were in tubes. Practical, but just not sexy-looking enough for this luxury product.

Batch 4 had two different containers - both with pump tops - ideal for this texture. The tall slim model is a glass bottle with serum pump that is perfect for an order of a smaller amount. It holds 25ml, where the blue bottle holds twice as much.

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Boony said…
ok, so like, maybe it's ready for testing by others than you now?! ;)
LisaLise said…
OK Boony, There's a test bottle with your name on it next batch! :)
Boony said…
Like yay! :D