A Blush Review Good Enough To Make One Blush

The other day I received a compliment so positive and so flattering that I was instantly transformed into the likes of a giggling schoolgirl who had just received her first love letter.

The compliment was for my cream blush.

It Was Just a Sample

This wasn't a 'wow you look fabulous wearing that cream blush' kind of compliment (which is also nice, but not enough to throw me for a loop). This was feedback from a family member who had requested a sample of my cream blush after reading how I made one. I don't normally do color make-up for others, but I have been known to make the odd exception. This was one. I made her a sample – several weeks ago.

So, Whad'she Say??

We were at a family get together with several adults, toddlers, and a lot of activity. While carrying a platter of food to the table where everyone was gathering, she stopped me and said "Oh, I've been meaning to tell you this for the longest time. Your cream blush is the best I've ever used! I've tried all kinds of expensive brand names before and not one of them comes even close to this one. The color is perfect, the texture is an absolute dream – it goes on perfectly and stays there all day. I absolutely love it. I never want to go back to brand names after this."

I blushed – literally. With a compliment like that, wouldn't you?


Anette said…
Du fortjener om nogen komplimenter, dygtige Lise.
LisaLise said…
Ih altså, nu rødmer jeg igen!! :)
Lauri Hersh said…
Oh, ain't that sweet? That's one of the many wonders of making your own makeup, I'd say. It caters to just exactly what you want, and you are free to use all the natural ingredients that you can find for your product.

You're bound to get more positive feedbacks like that, Lise! It's like a dermatologist getting all the positive reviews because he knows what to do and what really works. Keep it up!
LisaLise said…
Thank you for your kind words Lauri. :)