Applying Face & Body Oil

It's a small bottle. 30 ml really isn't a lot – except it really is. With a personal oil blend, you only want (and need) to use a very small amount – a few drops will do the trick. Even with daily use (face and neck), this amount lasts half a year.

The More the Better? Actually, No.

I often get asked about body and face oils, and one of the most common misconceptions I have run across is how much to apply. You're not supposed to look greased up when you've applied body or face oil. You're supposed to look (and feel) moisturized and have a healthy glow.

Here's how much you need:

About 4-5 drops for face and neck
About 10 drops for each leg
About 5 drops for each arm
About 5 drops for the torso

That's all.

See those golden drops in the palm?
(I blurred the hand a bit so you could focus on the oil)
That's enough for 1 application to the face and neck

Personal Use

I do a personal blend face & body oil (30 ml – like the bottle pictured above) for myself about every 5-6 weeks (depending on the season and humidity). I use it all over (body and face) every single day, and a mere 30ml really lasts over a month.

If only used on face and neck, a 30ml bottle easily lasts a half year.

How To Apply a Body Oil

For optimal effect, apply body oil to damp skin (directly after leaving the shower/washing your face).


  • Drip 5 drops in the palm. 
  • Rub palms together and apply to lower leg with light, upward strokes. 
  • Repeat process with 5 drops for upper leg, etc until you have applied to entire body. 

Always apply with light but firm strokes and always stroke toward the heart.

How to Apply a Face Oil

Please check this previous post for a detailed description of applying a face oil.