Skin Lightening with Plants and Vitamins - Update on 'C'

Here is an update on 'C' (a woman in her 50's) and the age spots we are trying to fade from her hands.

Above is the 'before' picture of 'C's left hand (which is the most affected). 'C' has had these age spots for years, and says they 'seem to be growing in number as well as deepening in color'.

Both 'C' and 'B' – who we are also following – requested a skin lightening product a while ago. They also both agreed to take part in this case study.

After Fits and Starts

Below is the pic showing 'after the first period of use'. This isn't a very exact description as to the time frame, but if you have been following this case study, you may remember that I ran into a few snags and several batches before we had a product with a pleasant texture. Therefore, the first period of use stretches over several weeks with several long pauses. As with 'B', I find I have not been careful enough about repeating the angle and lighting with the photography. (I shall try and improve with future photos!)

Here is 'C's hand after the first period of use. We need to get serious about matching the angle and lighting better with the next photo.

C's feedback has been relatively positive, although she says it has been a bit arduous to try and keep her hands completely out of the sun (as she was instructed). She is also pleased with the gel version of this product and is looking forward to 'getting serious' about using it.


LiisK said…
Skin seems to look more fresh, more pinkish on teh second picture :)
LisaLise said…
Thanks LiisK! This also was 'C's opinion, and I thought there was a bit of difference, but I'm afraid my photography just isn't optimal - yet! I will be much more aware of the entire set-up when I do the next photo shoot so I can duplicate everything from the 'before' picture better. Also, at the next photo shoot, we will have had a functional product for an unbroken period of time. I'm excited to see how well this actually works!