Skin Lightening with Plants and Vitamins - Update on 'B'

After a few fits and starts, I am finally able to post the first set of pictures on how Lighten Up – a new skin lightening product – is shaping up. Today we'll have a look at how this product is working for 'B' (a woman in her 30's) and the skin miscolorations on her cheek and eye area.

Before and So Far

Because it has been 'forever ago' since we started this, I have done a side by side picture with the 'before' on the left.

The pic on the right shows 'after the first period of use'. I know that isn't a very exact description as to the time frame, but if you have been following the progress on this product, you will remember that I ran into a few snags and several batches before we had a product with a pleasant texture.

Therefore, the first period of use stretches over several weeks with several long pauses.

Duplicating a Picture Taking Set-Up

Even though I (thought I) did everything to recreate the same angle, distance, and lighting to the subject, I realized the angle of the lighting was not identical while cropping and placing the pics side by side.

Notice, for example below, how the eye is lit on the left picture as compared to the right. All in all, the less-than-perfect-match of lighting makes it difficult to compare these 2 pics. It is at this point mostly clear I that need to be more diligent about positioning of the lamps for future pics!

B's Feedback - Despite Lighting Differences

It's still early days, but it does look like this mix of active ingredients could be a promising combination. 'B's feedback has been positive all around (except for batch 2 of the cream which was too difficult to apply due to a tacky texture). As a matter of fact, 'B' has been incredibly patient with the many 'restarts' and new versions of this product. She was quite pleased to move to a gel instead of cream and to 'really get started' on this product now.

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More To Come on Skin Lightening

A while back, I had a request to discuss skin lightening ingredients on this blog. I will be looking at the individual active ingredients in this product as well as some skin lightening ingredients in commericial products in a new series soon.