Sea Algae - Good For Hair Growth


Anonymous said…
Hi, can I buy the sea algae extract from you or can you tell me where to get it from?
LisaLise said…
Hey there Anon! I don't sell ingredients, but if you check the sidebar on the blog, you'll find a list of links - these are to cosmetics ingredients suppliers around the world.

I am pretty sure most of them carry the sea algae. Best of luck with it!
Kim said…
Do you have the link you bought your sea algae from? Also, have you worked with maca root which is purported by Aromazone for hair growth?
LisaLise said…
Hi Kim,
I've never worked with Maca root, but am of course now curioous to give it a try. the sea algae was purchased from Aromantic in the UK. Check the sidebar (not viewable in mobile version) for links.
Hello, I am unable to find the links in the side bar to buy the algae. Could you please reply with the links or give me some directions :D.

"When I started using this hair-strengthening mix a few years ago, I bought it in good faith from my (trustworthy) supplier and added it to hair products at the maximum recommended dose."

Can i ask specifically how you used the sea algae in your hair products. I am interested in creating a diy and don't know how in which form i can use the algae.

LisaLise said…
Hey there FirstTimeFalling - I think the supplier I used at the time I wrote this post has stopped carrying this item. If you google channeled wrack and oarweed you may find providers of these 2 ingredients and make your own blend. You'll have to ask your supplier about usage/dosage for each item as it will depend on whether or not you find the items as dried powder or in some kind of tincture or extract. Best of luck!