Hydrosol Mix of the Week - Rose and Sage

One of the reasons I never seem to lose my passion for working with hydrosols is their ability to constantly surprise and delight. 

Sometimes a combination will 'sound great on paper', but the actual mix will take an unexpected turn – or disappoint. But then, there are those times when you find yourself doing a combination you normally wouldn't even consider – and the result sweeps you off your feet. 

I have had to acknowledge recently that there are 2 hydrosols I cannot do without. This leaves me with the option of using them separately forever, or trying to mix them and seeing what happens. 

The 2 are rose and sage.


I normally use rose hydrosol all by itself – solo. Rose is, after all, the queen of skincare. Because it is such an exquisite scent and a staple in my own skin care, I have an incredibly hard time mixing rose with anything. 

Every time I even think of doing a mix with rose, I hear myself asking (out loud, even) 'Seriously, how can one improve on perfection? Why even bother trying?' (My husband can attest to the out loud part, although I believe he thinks I am talking about myself)


Sage has been my constant companion since the beginning of March this year. Sage has incomprehensibly tamed my hot flashes to such a degree that I simply can't bear the thought of going back to 'a sageless life'. 

From an average of 17 hot flashes a day (complete with fanning, dabbing sweat, removing layers of clothing and the additional discomforts of suddenly sporting a beet-red face), sage has magically transformed this situation. 

Now, a mere 3-5 times a day, I may find it necessary to bring out a fan and occasionally dab a bit of sweat from my brow. There are no more sudden removing of layers of clothing, there is no beet-red color, and there is definitely more no queasiness.

And How Do They Feel About Each Other?

I was very hesitant to do this mix. What if they hated each other and turned out sour smelling? To my relief, this was one of those times when hydrosols decided to not only surprise, but also delight. 

Rose and sage get on like a house on fire. The cool, crisp freshness of sage combined with the sweet, light floral quality of rose is utterly gorgeous. 

After using this mix for a week I have fallen in love with both ingredients all over again – but now, they're in the same bottle! This combination is the ultimate luxury and total refreshment for hot-flash plagued ladies.


Anonymous said…
Hi - how much sage do you take, and in what form? I've been having 15-20 dripping-wet hot flashes a day for about 6 years and am exhausted... - I'm excited to see your success!!!!
LisaLise said…
Hi Alice,
Oh I feel for you! I did a post on this with instructions for doing your own sage skin mist right here http://www.lisaliseblog.com/2011/06/diy-hot-flash-solution-with-sage.html

If you can source sage hydrosol, then use it unmixed as a body tonic after bathing. You SHALL be free of your hot flashes!! Alice.. write me if you'd like more info-- I've got this stuff down to a science.