Happy Baby Foam Wash And The Eye Test

There are babies and toddlers in my family that love bath time and playing in the water. Come to think of it, is there any small child that doesn't enjoy splashing around in a tub of water?

Unless, of course, they get soap suds in their eyes. Then it's not so much fun.

Baby Foam

I recently put together a baby and child-friendly foam wash for a family member with a toddler. It was based on the same mild surfactant mix that is used in my Plain & Simple Herbal shampoo.

This ultra gentle foam wash will hopefully make the bathing and washing experience fun for the toddler and pleasurable for the parents, with no crying due to stinging soap. I named it Happy Baby Ultra Gentle Foam Wash.

Eye Test Anyone?

Before presenting it as the intended gift, I wanted to be absolutely sure it would pass the eye test. 

Would getting the foam in the eyes cause stinging?

I scanned the room for volunteers. 

Unsurprisingly, no one stepped up. 

That pretty much left me to be the guinea pig...

See This Soap? Put it in Your Eyes

It's really against ones nature to put something that could irritate or sting directly into the eyes. But it had to be done – I had to be sure.

I pumped a generous pile of foam into my hand, tried not to hesitate too long, then applied the entire handful to my wide-open peepers.

The Initial Reaction

Instead of the expected 'oh-dear-me-NO-get-this-OFF!!', my initial thought was 'how annoying – I can't see a thing'.

Shortly after, a very slight stinging did occur. I rinsed. No stinging. Maybe I imagined it. I repeated the process (a few times actually) – just to be sure.


This is an extremely gentle foam wash. Stinging in the eyes can be made to happen, but you have to work at it a bit. Despite this successful eye test, I still wouldn't recommend rubbing this foam wash directly into your eyes.


Because it's soap that's made specifically for washing hair & body – it's not meant to be put into the eyes, silly!


Anette said…
Du imponerer mig hver gang, jeg kigger forbi dig! OG får mig til at smile i dag...
LisaLise said…
Ih tak Anette. Ros kan man aldrig få nok af!
Anna-Vera said…
oh boy! I'm sure Elena would love to be your youngest tester yet! :)
LisaLise said…
We shall just have to see about that, then! :)