Body Fresh Deodorant - Testing Geranium

I've been trying out some new liquid bases in the Body Fresh Deodorant formula, and for the past few months, testing has been ongoing with a version with geranium. The other 2 deodorants in the series (Lavender and Lemon Balm – also called Melissa) are pretty 'unisex' in scent and seem to be equally popular with both ladies and gents. 

The geranium version, however, is specifically geared for ladies. 

I have felt the need to expand the selection because, happily, the Body Fresh Deodorants are growing in popularity. The geranium version has a fresh-but-floral quality to it that is distinctly feminine. 

I'm so pleased with this one that I have already replaced my previous fave with it. It shouldn't be long before it is available at my website.

PS: If the new containers test well, the geranium deodorant will also be available in a 75ml container.

PPS. The pictured one is in an old container


Boony said…
Oh please let me try that one instead of my order for lavendar! please please please?!