What's So Great About Clay?

I've worked with clay for years and must admit I've never actually studied in detail how it worked, but just enjoyed that fact that it did – magically.

One could be tempted to ask what's not great about clay?

Clay cleanses, nourishes and even helps heal skin. I've used it in masks, cleansers, creams – even make-up. It's a multifunctional ingredient that never disappoints.

A Palette of Possibilities

There are numerous clays to choose from, and I have worked with as many as I have run across – from Australian super-fine clays and the classic Rhassoul Moroccan Soap Clay (a staple in my collection) to the wide selection of fabulous French clays that boast mineral-nourishment and extra special skin-loving action (not to mention a plethora of fun colors to choose from).

Get Your Masks On

There's a downright earthy quality (pun intended) to a making and applying a clay mask that brings out the child in you – except with a mask, it's refined, very grownup and utterly luxurious pampering – pure healthy fun!

I was at one point developing masks for sale, but after many batches, concluded that a freshly-made clay mask is far superior and decided to share my mask-making experiences on this blog. You will find a series of how-to clay masks in the 'Meet The Mask' articles. (click Masks under Labels to see what's been added so far).

And Science Agrees

It's now scientifically proven that clay has healing powers. A study published in March 2011 states: "US researchers have made a step towards understanding why some natural clays are antibacterial, boosting the chances that they could one day be used as alternatives to antibiotic drugs." Read the rest of this interesting study on Chemistry Worlds site.

Clay Explained

If you're interested in a clear, concise and understandable description of how clay works, check out this great article by cosmetic scientist Colin Sanders.

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