Shampoo - Plain & Simple and Good To Go

No nonsense labels for a straightforward shampoo

It's official. This super mild shampoo series is good to go!

I've named it Plain & Simple because it really is a bare-bones shampoo with the gentlest surfactants in a base of organic hydrosols. (I debated whether or not to call it "gently gently", but most people get annoyed with double names, so it lost out to Plain & Simple).

The Plain & Simple Shampoos will officially make their appearance on my website this week. The series includes an unscented version (Herbal) along with a Lavender and Rosemary version – all with the same gentle mix of surfactants. There is no guar in this series, so if you're looking for a super gentle shampoo with clarifying action, there's 3 to choose from.

PS: Even though most of the parabens have been cleared for use in cosmetics, you will find that the Plain & Simple series has no parabens.