Shampoo - Plain & Simple and Good To Go

It's official. This super mild shampoo series is good to go!

I've named it Plain & Simple because it really is a bare-bones shampoo with the gentlest surfactants in a base of organic hydrosols.

Other Name Considerations

I debated whether or not to call it "gently gently", but most people get annoyed with double names, so it lost out to Plain & Simple.

The Plain & Simple Shampoos will officially make their appearance on my website this week. The series includes an unscented version (Herbal) along with a Lavender and Rosemary version – all with the same gentle mix of surfactants. There is no guar in this series, so if you're looking for a super gentle shampoo with clarifying action, there's 3 to choose from.

PS: Even though most of the parabens have been cleared for use in cosmetics, you will find that the Plain & Simple series has no parabens.

The LisaLise website has been updated since this post went live and although these products are no longer available from the shop, they are available as special order products. Please visit this page for more information.