My Itchy Eyebrow Buddy

A while back, I wrote about why I started making my own make-up. It began years ago after struggling with itchy eyebrows due to the make-up products I was using. I was convinced I was the only person in the world to have this silly problem – until I got an email from a woman who had been searching far and wide for a make-up product that didn't make her eyebrows itch. She had come across my itchy eyebrows article.

Well, Whaddaya Know – I Wasn't the Only One! 

What a relief to meet a fellow 'sufferer' – someone who understood. Even though it feels a little wrong to be happy about meeting someone battling the same annoying problem – I couldn't help it. I just had to enjoy the fact that I had an eyebrow buddy! We mailed back and forth a bit, and soon discovered that we used the same shade of eyebrow color. Now, that's just downright spooky!

Testing Testing

A few more mails resulted in a test-eyebrow-pencil being posted to her. After a week of anxious nail biting and anticipation, I got her reply. The pencil worked and the color was just right. The best part: No more itching. Yay! My 'bud' is now itch-free – just like me!

Could There Be More?

I've written earlier that I had no plans of doing make-up for others, but maybe it's time to revise that idea. What if there are others out there with itchy eyebrows? There could be a slew of people afraid to speak up because they're embarrassed about their rare problem! Who knows – maybe my eyebrow pencils would work for them too. Then we could start a club: 'Former Sufferers of Itchy Eyebrows' (the name may need a bit of work).

But, I fear I am getting ahead of myself. In my entire life, I've never met another person with this problem until I met my eyebrow buddy. It's quite possible she and I are the only 2 people in the world that have lived with, struggled with – and finally overcome – itchy eyebrows. And, if that is the case, then I'm glad we found each other.