Discount Solution - Fabulous Feet Forever

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Rikke said…
Hi Lisa

This tip works. I have followed your instructions for one month now, and my heels look so much better. Most of the hard skin has vaanished.

Thank you for the tip!

Love, Rikke
LisaLise said…
I am so pleased!! the friend who inspired this posting also mailed me that she was very pleased with how it was working for her. yay!! :)
kalee said…
do you ever use a foot scrub like a gentle one and what ingredients would u use
LisaLise said…
HI Kalee -- A foot scrub is a great idea! I'd combine it with a foot bath to help soften the feet up. The ingredients I would be most likely to reach for are a mix of salts (from coarse to fine) and a neutral oil such as sunflower or apricot kernel oil.