Discount Solution - Fabulous Feet Forever

A good friend asked me about foot care recently and I was inspired to share my favorite method for keeping feet looking fabulous.

If you are struggling with 'cheese rind heels', here are a few tips to keep your feet looking and feeling great – all the time!

Depending on how bad your feet are to begin with, this beauty treatment can cost you as little as the price of a brush to as much as the price of a foot-treatment plus one brush.

Rule Number One: Toss The File

Never ever ever use a foot file! The way this instrument 'rips surface of the skin' will only make things worse.

File usage encourages an increased production of hardened skin. I have this on good authority from a couple of foot-treating pros.

If your heels are really bad, start by getting the built-up, hardened skin removed by a professional. When that's done, you will be able to keep your heels 'rind-free' with the following method.

Brush Your Feet Every Day

Find a brush that fits well in your hand with bristles as stiff as a nail brush. If you can get an oversized nail brush, that's ideal (see mine below).

Brush your heels (and wherever else the hard skin build-up happens) vigorously for a minute or 2.

The stiff bristles of the brush will remove dead skin and the brushing will encourage circulation in the feet (which also keeps hard skin build-up at bay).

Don't forget the toenails – brushing lightly here will keep the cuticles back. It's best to brush at the end of your shower/bathing routine, when the skin is softened and the dead skin is easier to remove.

Tip: wash the brush regularly to keep it smelling sweet.

Then Soften

Finish by applying a body butter, cream or lotion to your feet. Give yourself a couple of minutes to massage each foot and work the moisturizer in. Put on a pair of socks. Even if you plan on wearing sandals that day, 10-15 minutes with socks will allow the moisturizer to soak in completely.

Make this 5-minute routine a daily habit and your feet will repay you in spades by looking and feeling fabulous – forever.


Rikke said…
Hi Lisa

This tip works. I have followed your instructions for one month now, and my heels look so much better. Most of the hard skin has vaanished.

Thank you for the tip!

Love, Rikke
LisaLise said…
I am so pleased!! the friend who inspired this posting also mailed me that she was very pleased with how it was working for her. yay!! :)