Coconut Foaming Wash - Very Special Order

There is a fan of 'coconut everything' in my family who once mentioned that a coconut-scented shampoo and body wash for super-sensitive skin would be a real hit with him.

As I've been working with several shampoo and body wash products lately, I did a coconut-scented all-over wash and presented it to him as a gift. 

That's it up there.

Coconut Ultra Gentle Foam Wash

The base of this foam wash is a mix of gentle surfactants, organic hydrosols and enriched with a few skin-nourishing goodies. 

The coconut scent is a fragrance oil made from natural ingredients.

Being a huge fan of the multi-functionality of essential oils, I don't normally work with fragrance oils at all. 

This one, however, surprised me with its 'life-like' and 'real-smelling' fragrance. It worked very well in this formula and added just the right amount of tropical attitude to the mix. The result was so satisfying I may just have to do up a bottle for myself.