Apricot Kernel Oil - The Stable Staple

Apricot is a member of the plum family. Its INCI name (Prunus Armeniaca) actually means 'Plum of Armenia', where apricots have been cultivated since ancient times. (Isn't it great when an INCI name has an understandable logic to it?).

The oil of this delicious fruit is procured from its kernels, and has been used throughout history for a variety of purposes – among these, as 'relief for tumors, swellings and ulcers' in 17th century England.

Just Like a Best Friend

Apricot kernel oil is tried, tested and totally trustworthy – an oil that always delivers – and a staple amongst my carrier oils. Its mildness makes it well-tolerated by all skin types. Its longevity makes it ideal for emulsions and mixes, and its neutral scent makes it ideal as a 'silent partner' for other ingredients.

Semi-Fatty With a Slower Absorbtion Rate

Apricot kernel oil is categorized as semi fatty. This means it spreads easily on the skin. Because it takes a bit longer to be absorbed by the skin, it is ideal for use as a massage oil.

Apricot Kernels Peachy Sister

Peach kernel oil has the same amount of fatty acids as apricot kernel oil, making the 2 oils interchangeable for several uses. Because both are equally suited to sensitive, inflamed, dry, and mature skin in exactly the same way, I've been quite happy to stick with apricot kernel oil, and must admit I have never even tried its peachy equivilent.

Great as Stand-alone or Mixer

Apricot kernel oil is an excellent face and body oil all by itself, enhancing the skins elasticity and leaving it with a healthy glow and velvety smooth feel. I have used it 'solo' for a period of time, just to see how it 'behaves', and it really is a great stand-alone product.

It also works exceptionally well mixed with butters, and has found its way into many personal oil blends I have done. 

LisaLise Products with Apricot Kernel Oil

Ultimate Balm Gloss Pot, Hint of Tint Ultimate Balm Gloss Pot, Feed My Lips Moisture Stick, Feed My Lips Moisture Stick with Mint, Personal OIl Blends

PS: The apricot kernel oil I use is 100% organic