When Shampoo Behaves

I've been working with surfactants in different combinations and products for a while – shampoo products in particular. One of the products I have been tweaking lately is a Lavender shampoo, and I am now at batch 6.

Tweaking isn't really a fair way of describing it – looking back over my notes from batch 1 to the present, it's completely reformulated. But, as it is still going to be called Lavender shampoo, it is hereby named batch 6.

The goal: a plain and simple shampoo that gently cleanses, has a wonderfully thick texture, lathers well and is as planet-friendly as possible after leaving the head and entering the shower drain.

Batch Six Checklist 

Texture: lovely and thick (finally!)
Scent: refreshing, clean – just like a shampoo should be
Abilities: super gentle cleansing, nice lather, rinses out well
Ingredients: as planet-friendly as I can get them

One could say this shampoo is finally behaving as I would like it to. A few more repeat batches of this formula and we're talking serious turkey ..or.. shampoo.

I think a little preliminary 'yay' is in order.


kt679 said…
YAY! I have to attest to my absolute LOVE of how this shampoo rinses out so well. I never feel like residue is left on my hair. Scent is very mild and "clean" is a perfect word to describe it. I am glad to hear that you got the texture thicker. I forgot to tell you that my test batch was a little thin (was that batch #1?). I love, love, love this shampoo and will place my orders from afar. Hopefully it will be hand delivered (hint, hint)
LisaLise said…
I love hearing that! Thank you! Your sample was actually from batch 3, so it has changed some, but I'm pretty sure it will be nothing noticable in how it works-.. the thicker texture will be there. :)