Skin Lightening with Plants and Vitamins

Vitamin C and the right combination of herbal extracts will lighten, brighten and freshen skin efficiently and 'naturally'. 

So say my suppliers (and a few studies).

Let's find out, shall we?

Lighten the Skin? That's Not Natural, Is it?

Admittedly, I hesitate using the word natural in connection with lightening the skin – how natural is it to lighten the skin? 

I could get all philosophical here, but let's skip past that and just establish that this is an experiment I am willing to try because I have 2 clients that – quite by chance – have both recently requested a spot lightening product for skin. They have also both agreed to be photographed and documented as a case study.

The Herbal Skin Lightener

My first skin lightening cream is hereby born. What name could be more fitting than Lighten Up? If it behaves properly, Lighten Up Herbal Skin Lightener should fade age spots, mis-colorations, and generally 'freshen up the skin'.

We shall be following 2 ladies. One is in her 30's – the other in her 50's. 

Our 30's person (let's call her 'B') wants to fade miscolorations on the face (the cheek and around the eye area). 

Our 50's person (let's call her 'C') has some age spots on her hands she would like to disappear.

The Before Pics

I have given both ladies the same product and instructed them to apply twice daily (morning and evening) to the affected areas (though instructing 'B' not to get too close to her eyes).

They are also both instructed to stay completely out of the sun for the duration of using the cream.

Below are the BEFORE pictures of 'B' and 'C'. The goal is to take weekly pictures under the same conditions and from the same angle as well as noting the feedback from the 2 willing participants.

Subject 'B' 

B has a few light mis-colorations around the eye/cheek area that we shall try to fade with the new Lighten Up cream.

'B' - left cheek

'B' right eye area 

Subject C

'C' before picture

C has some dark age spots (and a few lighter ones) on hands that we shall try to fade with the same cream.


Anna-Vera said…
Interesting! I can't wait to hear more about this new project of yours, and see what plant-based ingredients can do for your test subjects... Keep us posted!
LisaLise said…
I promise - no matter the outcome, I will post what happens :)