Removing Childrens' Face Paint

This coming Sunday (and Monday), children will be in costume (many with painted faces) as they celebrate Fastelavn in Denmark. Here's a quick, easy and safe way to remove face paint when the festivities are over.

Douse a cotton ball/cotton pad with sweet almond oil or jojoba and use this to effectively and quickly soften and remove the makeup. If you don't have either of these oils, check your kitchen cupboard for thistle, rapeseed or olive oil. Any of these will work as well.

Happy Fastelavn!


Unknown said…

btw - in Canada, the name of the plant/oil 'Rapeseed' was changed some years back. It is called Canola oil.

LisaLise said…
Hi Niki - Thanks for sharing. I think the name is changed in the USA as well.