Hydrosol Mix of the Week - Neroli and Lemon

Over the past several months, I've been concentrating on mixing Neroli (also called Orange Blossom) with other hydrosols to explore the most suitable partners for this heady, sweet scent.

I love how the hydrosol conditions and moisturizes skin, is compatible with just about every skin type, and is gentle enough to be used at full strength – but on its own, I find the aroma has a serious tendency to 'get too bossy' to the point of seeming cloying.

Apparantly, Guys Agree

I have as yet to meet a man that likes the scent of neroli when presented with a whiff of the pure hydrosol. So far, I've seen the same reaction from all of them: a quick pulling away.

Not good.

So, this quest for partner hydrosols for Neroli is also in part to create a mix that won't alienate men. It's no good if the lady loves the scent and is ready to drench herself in it if her guy is wrinkling his nose every time the bottle is opened – not the ideal basis for closeness between a couple – even if it is good for the skin.

Introducing Lemon

My latest test partner to Neroli is Lemon. Contrary to every other hydrosol I work with, lemon hydrosol is not made by steam distillation. This is because the essential oils of lemon are in the rind and released 'simply' by pressing the rind.

The hydrosol is made with 'evaporated and condensed organic lemon juice that has a large concentration of the aromatic molecules in the water' (my suppliers description). It is a skin-friendly and relatively mild liquid that smells positively appetizing.

Good For Oily and Combination Skin

Because lemon adds astringency to a mix while neroli is all about moisturizing, blending these 2 creates a great base for a skin tonic targeting combination and oily skin. The added bonus: lemon lives up to its 'scent fixing' reputation in full when blended with neroli.

It successfully removes the heavy-sweet property of neroli, creating a refreshing, sweet blend. This is definitely a good match and worth exploring further. I will be tweaking the proportions of these 2 until I find the perfect balance.