Discount Solution - Skin Brushing

Skin brushing has been around for so long there are conflicting theories on its origins. It has been attributed to the Germans, Japanese, Chinese, and Scandinavians. 

Wherever it started, skin brushing is a healthy practice with numerous benefits.

Skin brushing (also called dry brushing) helps 
  • promote circulation 
  • fight cellulite
  • remove dead skin cells 
  • tone and firm the skin
In short, it's an ideal way to start the day – just before your morning shower.

A Few Minutes a Day

If you can, allow yourself 5-10 minutes for the process. Even better if you can work this into your daily routine. Aside from the price of your preferred skin brushing implement, this beauty treatment costs only your time.

You will need: either a skin brush, skin brushing glove (see photo) or a loofah

Dry Brushing Method

  • Brush before bathing/showering 
  • Brush from toe-to-head – always toward the heart (to increase circulation)
  • Using circular strokes, start at your feet and work your way up each leg. 
  • Then start from the hands and move towards the shoulders. 
  • Finally, do the torso. 
  • On your back, work in downwards strokes from the back of the neck (obviously this is easier with a long-handled brush, but not impossible with a hand-held loofah). 
  • To battle cellulite, concentrate on affected areas for an extra minute or 2. Be firm, but don't brush so hard it hurts. Your skin should feel tingly and alive. 
  • After brushing, enjoy a warm shower.

The Final Kick

Just before you turn off the water, treat your skin to a blast of cold (or considerably cooler) water. This will close pores, kick-start your circulation, and leave you with a wonderfully healthy all-over glow.

Do You Have 3 More Minutes?

Finish by applying a nourishing body oil and greet the day looking like you've just come from a pricey spa.